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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Help Yourself Out

Jordanna Fraiberg's guest blog got delayed until tomorrow, so check back them for that, but until them, here's a very helpful book about stress and peer pressure:

Are you getting the mid-fall blues? Schoolwork overwhelming you? Well, here's a book for you.

Peer pressure: we all know about it. If you haven't experienced it yourself, then you've most certainly heard it being rehashed by parents, teachers, and counselors for ages. And most everyone knows firsthand how peer pressure can be a confusing thing--it can make us doubt our beliefs when it comes to sex, drugs, alcohol, cheating, and stealing, and cause rifts between teens and parents.

Here's where Dr. Lisa Medoff's Stressed Out Student's Guide to Handling Peer Pressure comes in. She's written a book that sorts everything out, and gives a whole new perspective on the issues. Her advice is frank, truthful, and very sensible, and gives both teens and parents a comprehensive view from both perspectives. Dr. Medoff's advice may seem slightly preachy, but she has a way of knowing exactly how teens feel, and her accurate facts and helpful strategies makes her guide invaluable--Stressed Out Student's Guide to Handling Peer Pressure is a very effective and highly useful read.

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