The Compulsive Reader: October Book of the Month: Guest Blog from Jordanna Fraiberg: Day of Firsts

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October Book of the Month: Guest Blog from Jordanna Fraiberg: Day of Firsts

day of firsts
Hello readers!
I'm so honored to be a guest blogger on this fabulous site. It's especially exciting because today is publication day. Woo hoo!
Not only is it my first time experiencing publication day, but this is my very first guest blog post. Wish me luck. On both fronts.
So, friends. What shall we discuss? I was thinking for starters, I can take you through the lead up to the BIG DAY. Or at least my process. Which is more like a roller coaster than a process. Here's how it goes:
Part 1
1. Sell book based on partial manuscript. OMG. OMG. Dream come true.
2. Oh crap. Sold book on partial manuscript. Now must complete book.
3. Figure out how to complete said manuscript while working long hours at another job. It can only take a miracle.
4. After much effort, finally type "the end," hit "save," and send first draft to editor several weeks past the deadline.
5. Realize I hit send and cannot take it back.
6. Remember that book was sold as a partial. Panic. They might hate it.
7. Go on much needed vacation and forget about it.
8. Receive wonderful, encouraging, not-at-all scary notes from my amazing editor.
9. Get back to work.
10. Finish several rounds of revisions.
11. Go through copy edits and final proof.
12. Wait for publication
Here's where Part 2 kicks in.
Months and months go by and then, all of a sudden, publication day is almost here. I've spent the last few days preparing myself for what I've been told is the anti-climax of the big day. So I've been downplaying it all to myself, thinking it's just a day like any other. No big deal.
But you know what? It is a big deal. I woke up in the best mood and it feels great. It feels kind of like it's your birthday, only instead of presents, you get the most amazingly sweet and supportive emails from friends and family and readers.

I haven't seen the book on shelves yet, and I'm sure it will be great when I do. But the thing that feels so good is that this really is a dream come true after many years of hard and consistent (and sometimes not-so-consistent) work. It's something you feel internally when you know you're on the right path, doing what you love.
My point in sharing this is to really say just that: do what you love. Whether it's going for walks, painting, listening to music, reading, playing a sport. Whatever it is, the more you do the things you love in life, the more you'll connect to yourself -- your true self. And there's nothing like that feeling of knowing you're being true to who you are, feeding that part of yourself, dare I even say, your soul?
I know this because writing is my current path, but not my first. I have learned that no matter what you do and where you go, you can always hold on to that part of yourself and find ways to connect to it.
Happy reading and I would love to hear from you!


Chelsea said...

Haha. Great guest blog. Congrats on your publication, Jordanna! I loved IN YOUR ROOM. :)

Anonymous said...

Great guest blog- loved reading it! And yay for the book finally being released! I've been so excited about it only since June, lol; can't imagine how it's been for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm glad publication day wasn't anti-climatic for you, after all that hard work you deserve to be excited :)

Sara said...

Great and honest guest blog! Happy publication day! =D
I definitely look out for your book in the stores, it sounds great!


Kelsey said...

Amazing guest blog! I loved it!

IN YOUR ROOM was amazing! I can't wait for future books!