The Compulsive Reader: Top 8 by Katie Finn

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Top 8 by Katie Finn

You can tell just by glancing at Madison MacDonald's Friendverse page that her life is pretty fantastic. She's got two best friends, a great new boyfriend, the lead role in the school play, and she's headed to the Galapagos Islands for Spring Break.

But when she comes back, she gets a major shock when she finds that everyone hates her--all because her Friendverse profile was hacked, her boyfriend is now her ex, and everyone's dirty secrets spilled. Mad is nothing but resilient, and with the aid of her friends and perhaps even the cute guy she met on vacation, she sets out to find out who hacked her--with some surprising results.

Teens who are addicts to Facebook and MySpace won't help but empathize with Mad and the "horror" of being hacked. The novel, despite the drama of hurtful rumors and gossip, maintains a pretty light tone, and is full of humor and angst. Readers may feel apprehension towards Mad's somewhat pretentious ways, but they won't be able to keep themselves for cherring for her as she becomes aware of the pain her whispered words carry when written for everyone to see, and begins to realize what some people truly think of her.

Also reviewed for Book Divas.

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Hillary said...

I wanted to read this. Great Review!