The Compulsive Reader: Twilight Confessionals

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Confessionals

I've been pretty objective as far as Twilight is concerned, but since I've got about 25 emails in my inbox wanting to know about my opinion on Twilight, both the books and movie, so here goes it. Where I stand on TWILIGHT:

I read Twilight in 2005.

I instantly loved it.

My copy (hardcover!) fell apart in 2006 from changing hands so much.

I am not overly fond of New Moon.

Nor Eclipse.

I jumped up and down once (okay, twice) when I heard that the Twilight movie was a go.

I was not shocked when Twilight became semi uncool to people.

I eagerly anticipated Breaking Dawn.

I got a teensy bit sick of Twilight talk.

I bought Breaking Dawn the first day it came out.

I did not go to a party, however.

I read BD in two days.

I did not think it was THAT BAD.

But, the pregnancy thing was tres odd.

Also, Jacob POV? Annoying, funny, perfect.

Also, cleolinda's spoof? Fantastic!

I went to see Twilight Friday night.

I thought that the sparkle was cheesy.

I thought some romantic parts did not translate well on screen.

I laughed a little (okay, a LOT) when Edward sucked the venom out of Bella's hand.

I was one of those obnoxious teenagers in the front row.

I liked the Twilight movie.

I like The Host better than the Twilight sequels.

I like Stephenie Meyer.



Mari said...

ditto. :)

Although, I laughed quite a bit throughout the whole movie. Maybe it is just that I am older, the movie didn't do it for me. Too many things wrong for me to really like it. I will watch it again when it comes out in dvd and see if that changes my opinion.

Will still definitely go and see New Moon.

Okie said...

A very nice list outlining what you like and why. I like the format. I may have to apply it to some things in my life.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm sure I'll see Twilight eventually, but it's not high on my list. I'll probably finish reading the books before I see the movie (I've read Twilight, just none of the rest yet).

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! I completely agree with you on almost everything, sadly I still haven't watched the movie yet, so that's been left undecided =)

I'm trying my darn hardest to promote the Host to my friends but I got tried of saying please, so now I'm going to shove it down their throats ;)

Em said...

I joked with a friend after the movie that my favorite part was when they ripped James' head off and threw him in the fire. She just looked at me like I was demented. But seriously, some of the scenes were laugh-out-loud cheesy. :)

Alea said...

I like that you like the Host, I haven't read that one yet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for objectively (sort of) outlining your opinions, with no EXTREME like or dislike. I am tired of the people who have been like that.

Staci said...

Your post made me laugh and smile!!

I too loved The Host! Excellent Sci-fi. I tell my students at school to not even think Twilight when they read this!!

I love Twilight-book and movie.
I adore Jacob!!

Anonymous said...

Haha... lol I was an annoying teenager in a front row. My friends and I went to see it on Friday! It was good, I especially liked Carlisle, and it was a good relief after finals and dealing with a very frustrating MSTC coordinator. ;) Love the List, love the blog, love the personality - keep it up!