The Compulsive Reader: Warrior Princess by Frewin Jones

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warrior Princess by Frewin Jones

Here's a little something to see you off on this holiday weekend (well, for my fellow Americans, anyway): Frewin Jones, author of The Faerie Path, has written a new novel called Warrior Princess, which has an amazing and totally kick-butt cover!

Princess Branwen ap Griffith is fifteen when her brother is murdered by the savage Saxons, who have been closing in on her family's home in their quest for land and riches. Branwen’s brother's death is a symbol of their heightened aggression. Though Branwen loathes the thought of backing down from the job of defending her home, she allows her parents to send her away to allies who will be able to keep her safe.

But Branwen is not prepared for the wave of hostility that meets her when she arrives at her allies' stronghold, where women have no place hunting or fighting, and she is forbidden from doing anything the lady of the land deems unladylike. Branwen longs for her home and for the chance to fight, but she still isn't prepared to accept her fate as a warrior, even when an encounter with a woman clad in white foretells a choice Branwen will have to make—one with devastating consequences. When all that she holds dear hangs in the balance, Branwen will have to choose to defy her elders and take a chance, or do as is expected of her and risk losing everything.

Warrior Princess is a fast paced and exciting historical fantasy read from the author of The Faerie Path. Branwen is a straightforward and intelligent heroine whose spirit, courage, and struggles will plead for attention from the younger branch of teen girls. Jones is a fearless storyteller who follows through with the plot and isn't afraid to realistically portray situations according to the time period, as well as weaving in many tidbits of historical information that seamlessly joins with the content of the story to create a more plausible and enjoyable book. Though some of the battle scene may be a tad too descriptive for younger readers, Warrior Princess can easily be considered a cross over to the middle grade genre with its wholesome message of girl power and independence, with just a hint of romance. Jones will have readers rooting for Branwen from the very first chapter, and eagerly anticipating a sequel.

Warrior Princess will be available from HarperTeen January 27th, 2008!


Emily said...

Haha I love the cover but she DEFINATELY does not look 15. This sounds like an interesting and awesome book. THanks!

Em said...

Ohh, I really loved The Faerie Path so I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up! :)