The Compulsive Reader: Sasha Watson is Awesome

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sasha Watson is Awesome

Sasha Watson, author of Vidalia in Paris, is pretty awesome. Here's a video in which she talks about why she writes YA, reads aloud a chapter from Vidalia in Paris, and answers a few questions. Enjoy!

P.S. Did I mention that Sasha also interviewed me? There's even a semi good picture of me in front of my book shelves...


Staci said...

Loved Sasha's interview of you. Wow! You're only 16 and so accomplished already!! yeah!!! Love your blog and your reviews and your excellent choice of YA books!!

Tasha said...

In regards to your interview (which is just to cute!) nerds are the coolest people ever! I pretty much go to a "nerd" school (college level classes in a high school setting) and I'm super proud.

As for colleges on the east coast, I've been looking at them too as I'm a junior. My top choices are Brown, NYU, Hopkins, Duke , or UVA. What are you looking at?