The Compulsive Reader: Author Spotlight: Leslie Margolis

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Author Spotlight: Leslie Margolis

Leslie Margolis is the author of Fix, Price of Admission, and Boys Are Dogs. She escaped from Los Angeles, where she grew up, at eighteen, and lives in Brooklyn with her fairly well-trained, six-toed mutt named Aunt Blanche and her less-well-trained husband. You can visit her at lesliemargolis.com.


Cameron Beekman's life changed forever when she had a nose job at age 15. No longer Beakface, she's now one of the Beautiful People. Accepted, popular, and glamorous, she's never been happier. Now 18, Cameron has no qualms about going under the knife again, but her decision has angered her parents, despite the fact that her young sister Allie will soon get a nose job herself. Allie has her reservations about the procedure, but when surrounded by her glamorous, model mother, and gorgeous, successful sister, she can't help but wonder...would plastic surgery finally allow her to fit in with her own family?

Scintillating, gritty, and engrossing, Fix poses a simple, yet powerful question to women of today: what exactly is beauty? It's a controversial subject, and Margolis handles it with supreme competence. This is a novel that doesn't choose sides, but instead qualifies each view of cosmetic surgery. It's full of facts and details, delivering a truthful, introspective look at the issue of appearance. Each character's individualism stands out as they must make a decision that will change their lives. Unflinching and riveting, Fix will make you think.

Price of Admission

As a studio head’s daughter, Jasmine Green's seemingly perfect life is just a facade for some very serious problems. Despite her cushy home, endless resources, and fancy cars, Jasmine's father is completely absorbed with his job, her brother is having an affair with their stepmother, and Jasmine herself is dating two guys at once. When one these guys dies, his screenplay is found in his apartment, and is sold to Jasmine's father's company. The only problem? It's really Jasmine's screenplay, and it's the story of her life. Every lurid detail.

Price of Admission is a gripping, galvanizing, and outstanding novel that explores the depths of family loyalty as Jasmine does all it takes to keep her family's dirty little secrets from being revealed. This novel doesn't fail to meet expectations, and Jasmine's clear and expressive voice is authentic. Rather than make excuses for her actions, she learns to face them, making her a character that no one can resist. The colorful cast of expressive and fallible characters make this lively and full of attitude read that will steal your attention away and won't release you until the credits roll.

Boys Are Dogs

Annabelle isn't too pleased when her mom moves her to a new house and new school so she can live with her new boyfriend. This new school is different from her old one in that it has boys, and as Annabelle learns pretty quickly, dealing with boys is NOTHING like making friends with girls. And then when Annabelle's mom and her boyfriend then get her a new puppy, Annabelle finds herself a little stressed out. But as Annabelle learns to train her new puppy, she sees some surprising similarities between training dogs, and training boys…

Funny, wise, and a bit thoughtful, Boys Are Dogs is an innovative and fun-filled read. Annabelle is an engaging and relatable narrator whose perfect combination of smarts, independence, and shyness will capture even the reluctant reader's attention. Boys Are Dogs will have you roaring with laughter one minute and wincing with empathy the next. Margolis's unique talent of emulating her characters' ages and attitudes perfectly carries through in Boys Are Dogs and succeeds in establishing a bond between reader and author that offers empathy and comfort to young girls surviving the highs and lows of middle school, and a vivid trip down memory lane for older audiences. Margolis has created the ultimate must-read for tweens, packed full of fantastic advice, laughs, and a bunch of confidence-boosting girl-power.

Check back tomorrow for an interview with Leslie Margolis!


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