The Compulsive Reader: B2B

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This rather dull and snowy (er, at least for some of us) weekend practically screams for a book that's smart, entertaining, and completely riveting to keep your mind off the fact that we still have AT LEAST two and a half more months of this weather: enter The Book Thief. This read by Markus Zusak just came out in paperback (a steal at $7.19 on Amazon.com!), and is the perfect mix of heartfelt storytelling (that's definitely not fluffy), eccentric and endearing qualities, and a nice and strong message that, although may be redundant in literature, is one that never gets old. Bonus: it's a Printz Award finalist and is still on the New York Times Bestseller list, so it has to be good, right?

So if you buy this book at all this month, take a picture of the receipt, send it to me at thecompulsivereader@gmail.com (no, you don't have to be in the picture), and I'll enter your name into the contest for a copy of Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott. An extra entry to anyone if they buy the hardcover edition.

Remember, you can still get an entry for each of January's B2B (Bloom, The Elite, In Too Deep), so don't be shy, and send those recepits. There will be one more B2B next weekend, and the contest ends the 31st...


Anne Shealy said...

Oh, what a wonderful book! I listened to this one on tape and loved it so very much! Zusak is such a gifted writer. I must put in a word for _I Am the Messenger_ as well. He is phenomenal!

The Compulsive Reader said...

I've read I Am the Messenger as well, and I agree!