The Compulsive Reader: January Book of the Month: Crowned by Julie Linker

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Book of the Month: Crowned by Julie Linker

I've been a little scatter-brained recently, and have fallen behind on Book of the Month, but no more! I'm back at it again, and with me this month is Julie Linker, author of Disenchanted Princess and Crowned, which just came out.

Check it out:

Presley Ashbury is passionate about pageants. You know the kind: the swimsuit contest, talent show, evening gowns, and tiaras all around. Presley is quite good at them, and not just because she likes looking pretty in the spotlight (though that is a perk): she needs the scholarship money that goes with winning the crown. But just two weeks before the Miss Teen State pageant, her nemesis and all around evil girl Megan Leighton is already on a mission to ensure Presley's defeat. Presley isn’t the kind to take that kind of treatment lying down, but she will have to find a happy medium between getting even and acting like a lady if she has any chance at all of wearing the crown.

Crowned is one drama-filled, sparkling, and hilarious read. Presley is a vibrant and energetic character whose realistic and dramatic narration will enrapture the audience and is sure to illicit many giggles. But the book isn’t all giggles and glitter: Crowned deals with some tough issues, like underage drinking, and the effect it can have on a person's image, bullying, as well as the dangers of posting pictures on the internet that will hopefully make an impression on readers. At the center of the story is Presley's struggle to deal with her enemy and how difficult it is to get along with Megan. Readers will be happy know that despite whatever thoughts Presley may have about Megan, she doesn't stoop to her level, which leaves a lasting and positive impression. Crowned is a cute and fun read that not only debunks a few misconceived perceptions of beauty pageants, but is a book that reminds readers that life's low points don't last forever, and success comes in many different forms.

So check back next Thursday for some Crowned-themed posts, and later this month for a chance to win your very own copy!

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Simone Elkeles said...

Julie Linker is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever met. She's not only a great person, but she writes great books!
~Simone Elkeles, author

Sarah Woodard said...

This book sounds good.

Ms. Yingling said...

This sounds sort of like the pre-Life As We Knew It Susan Beth Pfeffer 1970's Beauty Queen. I'll have to take a look at this one.

Melissa Walker said...

I love, love, love pageant stuff. So excited to hear about this book!