The Compulsive Reader: Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Friday, January 2, 2009

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Dani's never known anything other than the life of crime she shares with her mother: constantly moving around, targeting wealthy households, and stealing their silver. Though she secretly wishes for a fixed, stable, and law-abiding, her loyalty to her mother overshadows any of these dreams.

Then Dani and her mother move to Heaven, a small beach town with plenty of wealthy residents and numerous opportunities for Dani and her mom. But Dani is distracted from the job for the first time ever: she makes a genuine friend...who just happens to be the daughter of the people Dani's mom wishes to steal from. And then she meets a guy...who just happens to be a cop. Suddenly Dani is hit with a torrent of confusion and must challenge all that she has ever known to discover just how far her loyalty to her mother really extends.

Stealing Heaven is a thoughtful, honest, and emotional look at one girl's struggles to break free from her upbringing and find her own path without betraying her roots. Elizabeth Scott's authentic and down-to-earth voice give the whole cast of characters a certain highly noticeable vibrancy that makes them stick in the reader's mind, and her knack for drawing on all of her character's life experiences to create a comprehensive picture of them and their situations make for an even more engaging and absorbing read. Stealing Heaven is very well thought out and detailed, ensuring that the plot runs smoothly, which helps to diminish the small unrealistic sense of the situation, and the numerous witty remarks accompanied by Dani’s oftentimes sarcastic commentary keep the tone appropriately light. Scott continues to keep things real by giving Stealing Heaven an end that readers will heartily appreciate, sealing Scott's status as an amazingly talented author who knows teens and has a gift for portraying the complexity of life.


Simply_Megan said...

I love Elizabeth Scott and really want to read this book!

Liviania said...

I really want to give Elizabeth Scott a try but I keep buying other books.

Staci said...

This sounds like a good read. Thanks for the great review!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

This was the first book by Elizabeth Scott that I had read and I really loved it! It was a perfect weekend cuddle up in bed and read type of book, but the plot wasn't all light and fluffy, which I liked. Great review!:)

Heather said...

This book sounds great. Gonna add it to my to read list. Great review btw!

Em said...

This is one of my favorite Elizabeth Scott books. :)