The Compulsive Reader: February Book of the Month: In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Book of the Month: In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash

February's Book of the Month is a continuation of a glamorous, intriguing, and drama filled The Elite series, In Too Deep.

Casey McCloy is enjoying her new life in New York City, despite her frenemy Madison Macallister's attempts to scare her off. But Madison doesn't give up—it's not in her nature—and she is determined to steal back Drew Van Allen, her ex and Casey's almost boyfriend. In the midst of it all, Sophie is planning her Sweet Sixteen, which has to be completely memorable (and not just because she's trying to one-up Mad) because her biological mother will be there, and they will meet for the first time. And Phoebe is struggling with her own budding feelings for Jared, Sophie's hot and completely annoying brother, while at the same time attempting to deal with the identity of her mom's secret lover...everyone in Jennifer Banash's riveting sequel to The Elite is in a little too deep...

Fans of the drama, romance, gossip, and privileged lifestyle depicted in Gossip Girl and Blue Bloods will be drawn to In Too Deep. Banash is a pro at keeping things moving with her alternating points of view and knack for adding just the right touches of drama at just the right places, giving the book an exciting, sparkling air that isn't overdone. Once again, Casey proves herself an admirable character with her grounded desire to fit in, but not at the cost of turning into a bad person, which is an issue she struggles with. We also catch a glimpse of Madison's vulnerable side, which makes her a little more reachable to readers than the standard mean girl. All in all, In Too Deep continues to showcase the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle of New York City's privileged teens with a bit of depth that makes it easier for readers to relate to. Banash's Elite series continues to rock above the rest.

Go pick up a copy of this series! Even if this isn't "your type of book", you'll be pleasantly surprised--I know I was!

Jennifer Banash and I will be working together the rest of the month to bring you some cool Elite posts. Check back next week for some Valentine's Day love advice from your favorite characters! And also stick around for some cool giveaways...we've got copies of I Know It's Over by CK Martin, Envy by Anna Godbersen, Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot, A List: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean, and of course, In Too Deep to give away!

Also, for you fans of the series, have you ever felt like getting into Drew Van Allen's head? Here's your chance--just comment below with any questions for Drew, and in two weeks, you'll get your answers!

In the meantime, go buy this book! You can get both on Amazon for under $20!

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I really need to read this series. I've seen it all over the blogging world!