The Compulsive Reader: Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

I love Elizabeth Scott--she is one powerhouse of an author, and her stories are all so sweet and real. Here's her latest:

If you think your parents are bad, try having a scantily clad mother who makes a living by hosting her own web show, and a famous playboy father old enough to be your grandfather. This is Hannah's reality, and her extremely embarrassing parents cause her to strive to become unnoticeable so as not to attract condemnation and rude comments from her sometimes-heartless classmates. But when her father contacts her for the first time in years, it dredges up a lot of buried feelings and resentments, but also may enable her to gain the confidence she lacks.

Elizabeth Scott takes what is a very much a repeated lesson in YA literature and gives it new life with her unique plot line and her trademark heartfelt storytelling. Hannah is a strong, intelligent, and no-nonsense character, yet her inability to see some truths makes her an endearing and convincing character, if not frustrating at times. The family dynamics in Something, Maybe are certainly unique and quite interesting to read about and observe; they are sometimes humorous, and at the same time sorrowful to witness as Hannah is put into an unenviable position of understanding and dealing with her father's distracted and detached love for her. Scott's talent for dealing with love, loss, family, and relationships in a wholly sincere way without being cliché is once again present in Something, Maybe, making her latest an enjoyable and sweet book that is the perfect pick-me-up.


Mrs. Magoo said...

I love Elizabeth Scott!

Em said...

ooh, sounds good. I love feel-good books. :)