The Compulsive Reader: TEEN WRITERS, READ THIS!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey everyone, this is from Deborah Reber's (author of In Her Shoes and Chill) blog, and it's DEFINTELY something you want to know about:

- Do you love to journal or blog?

- Is writing your passion?

- Do you have an important real-life story to tell?

- Do you dream of being a published author?

- Are you a girl between 13 - 19 years old?

If I just described you, then read on! This new project is about giving a voice to young writers with important things to say. I’m not looking for the next great American novel, but I am looking for teens who are interested in writing a memoir (yes, that’s right…a whole book) about your true-life story.


Email (contact@deborahreber.com) with the following information:

Your name, age, and email

A description of what your nonfiction story would be about…in your description, please give a sense of the overall theme of the story and details regarding the personal journey you want to share with the world. Are you writing about a specific event and the affect it had on your life? Put yourself in the readers’ shoes…what would they take away from your story? Write as much about your story as you like.

1-2 writing samples that demonstrate your style, tone and writing ability. You can submit nonfiction essays, journal entries, blog entries, or fiction pieces, but please, no poetry unless you can imagine writing a whole book in verse. Send your best stuff!

A couple of sentences describing the role writing plays in your life.

Sounds awesome, huh? Hurry up and enter, because Debbie can only accept one more person!

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