The Compulsive Reader: Anticipation

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ah, anticipation. It can drive a girl mad. And anticipation for the following books is certainly driving this girl completely bonkers:

Written by Michelle Zink, this new gothic romance is set to come out in August. To learn more, check out Michelle's MySpace page (be her friend, please. She's really quite cool), where she has a full synopsis, fun info, and even some pretty awesome scores that are absolutely beautiful, composed by her son, Kenneth Zink. Check it out, give him a comment! (Also, have I mentioned what a sucker I am for covers? This one is SO PRETTY!)

Jessica Verday brings us a story about Abbey, who meets a hot guy when her friend disappears, (only, Abbey doesn't think Kristen disappears), and then there are a bunch of SECRETS (there always are), only they threaten Abbey's SANITY! How cool is that? Very cool, I tell you.

We...are...so...close! In all my years of book-stalking (granted, not THAT many, but certainly enough), I don't think I've ever come across a book with such an elusive release date as Tamora Pierce's latest! This was supposed to come out like, in October '07! Ah, but no matter now, because Bloodhound comes out in a mere two weeks, much to the jubilation of her long-time fans! Huzzah!

This is another gothic historical with supernatural elements (methinks Libba Bray started a VERY EXCELLENT THING with A Great and Terrible Beauty). I'm not a terrible fan of the cover, but I have to admit: it is exciting. And I do like the premise. Oh August, come to me quickly.

The Body Finder

Okay, I will admit, I kinda think this is a little morbid--in a totally awesome and compulsively readable (oh, I need to stop being so lame) way. Kimberly Derting, I love it. It sounds amazing! I would like it now, please. I would also love to see a cover!

Amber Kizer's newest is also about dead things! And I really, really, really want to read it aswell! What is this saying about me? Nonetheless, Amber, your cover is GORGEOUS, and your synopsis is very teasing. Just drop the words "family secrets" and I'm hooked.


Alea said...

The Body Finder got pushed back, I can't remember to when now. Kimberly posted about it on her blog this week. I guess it's because they are going to give it a bigger marketing push which is awesome!

Rebecca Herman said...

Immortal looks interesting!

Emily Ruth said...

ooh, I had immortal on my waiting on wednesday! Doesn't it look amazing?!

the prophecy of the sisters looks quite good too; that'll be on my wishlist

Lenore Appelhans said...

Just got Prophesy of the Sisters (with a different cover) and Bloodhound!

Mari said...

They all sound really great. Now you have made me anxious to get Prphecy of the Sisters! :)

Michelle Zink said...

Thank you so much for featuring my book! You're the best!

And I'm especially psyched for Bloodhound (Tamora Pierce is one of the nicest authors in the world, imo) and for The Body Finder.

Oh! And PS! The cover you have displayed is the correct, final cover. The ARCs don't have that cover, which is confusing to some people, but I'd rather have the "real" cover (THIS one!) distributed online. So thanks again!

Unknown said...

I'm also really looking forward to Meridian it sounds sooo good!

Anonymous said...

This is so nice of you to do. As you may have guessed, I'm a little partial to THE HOLLOW but I've got a couple of these great titles on pre-order!! Great previews!!!!