The Compulsive Reader: Being Nikki, An Airhead Novel by Meg Cabot

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Nikki, An Airhead Novel by Meg Cabot

Oh my word, you guys! I've been waiting FOREVER to tell you about this book! It's so fab!

In the past three months since the tragic accident that prompted normal, plain Em Watts' brain transplant into model Nikki Howard's body, Em has been struggling to survive in the edgy, unpredictable environment she's been thrust in. She's desperate to make contact with her old best friend and crush, Christopher, but is under the constant scrutiny of her employer, Stark Enterprises. Em knows that there's something odd going on with them, but in order to discover what it is, it means risking her own life—and the lives of everyone she loves.

Being Nikki is a clever combination of geeky smarts and fashionable fun, a duo not easily pulled off, but is done so with ease by reigning YA Lit queen Meg Cabot. Em Watts is an intelligent and down-to-earth character who genuinely strives to do the right thing in a very, very unconventional situation, but still manages to make more than a few mistakes herself, a quality that makes her a character readers will just fall more in love with. Her zippy, magnetic, and hilarious voice, coupled with a unique and surprising plotline and authentically depicted supporting characters, make for a unique read that is memorable and highly entertaining. Cabot's usual dose of drama, romance, and biting humor, and witty banter are another bonus, and go a long way in making this second Airhead novel even more laugh-worthy, suspenseful, and gripping than its prequel. Just as before, Cabot will leave readers dangling, breathless for a sequel.

Cover Comments: First off, I like the color scheme of the cover, with the darker hues and the splash of yellow. I think that the shots of the model are glamorous, and they really make the book pop. It's elegant without being over-flashy, and eye-catching but not overly busy.

Being Nikki is out today!


babygirlG said...

Sounds really intriguing!!!

wdebo said...

Haha that's cool we have the review for the same book on the same day :D

I agree with you I love the color scheme for the cover v pretty!

I loved the book too! <3

Wdebo :)

Kate said...

Great review. It sounds awesome.

pepsivanilla said...

The colors on the cover go so well together. I like it much more than the Airhead cover!

Amy said...

i love this book so much-it's the perfect romance with tons of action. I never got bored reading it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds really good! Great review!

SarahChristine said...

the book sounds great!! i bet meg cabot wont disappoint me this time :)

Iryna said...

I just wanted to say, if you didn't know, that Meg Cabot posted a link of your website on her blog! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Do you have to read airhead in order to understand being nikki?

The Compulsive Reader said...

Anon: YES, Being Nikki is the sequel to Airhead, and you must read Airhead in order to understand what's going on!