The Compulsive Reader: Nothing but Ghosts by Beth Kephart

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nothing but Ghosts by Beth Kephart

Katie seems surrounded by ghosts: the ghost of her mother and of her life before her mother died, and by the ghosts of the past at Miss Martine's estate, where Katie works as a gardener during the summer. It is Miss Martine's mystery that intrigues Katie and her sudden disappearance from society when she was very young that motivates Katie to research her. With the help of her father, a restorer of old paintings, a chic and intelligent librarian, and two of her co-workers, Katie slowly uncovers the truth and also learns to live with her life in the present.

Beth Kephart's third novel for young adults is just as subtly moving, thoughtful, and impacting as her previous novels. Katie is an insightful, witty and smart character, and manages to be lighthearted and funny at times, even while she is dealing with her grief. Each character is unique and important in their own ways in helping Katie come to the heart of the mystery of Miss Martine and also in assisting her on reflecting on her own life and the way she is living it, making for a truly enjoyable reading experience. Told in a mixture of the present and fragments of memories from when Katie’s mother was still alive, Kephart has woven a sad yet hopeful tale full of secrets and loaded with symbolism that will entrance and impress her readers.

Cover Comments: Ah, I adore this cover. Where to start? First off, the model under the gauzy curtains is a very mysterious and fitting effect, seeing as the book deals a lot with ghosts. The title treatment is beautiful with the first two words kind of fading, and then the Ghosts appearing in a very elegant font. This is a beautiful cover!

This novel will be released from HarperTeen on June 23rd, 2009!


Kate said...

Great review. I love the look of this book :)

Anonymous said...

This novel looks really good. Great review!

Em said...

Wonderful review! I completely agree. It's a fantastic book and I love your cover comments. :)

Amy said...

I've heard that Beth is an amazing author, so I'm excited to read my first book of herS:-D

Beth Kephart said...

My goodness. I just this moment discovered this, and only because I was going to your site (a pilgrimage I often make) to learn about what other new books I should be reading. I was entranced by the black and white Crazy Beautiful, then floating down, down on your page...and found this.

Thank you SO much.

Anonymous said...

This book was very interesting and caught my attention by the dialogue the author used. Thanks for making such a great book!(: