The Compulsive Reader: Top Ten Myths of High School, Brought to You by Susane Colasanti

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top Ten Myths of High School, Brought to You by Susane Colasanti

There are so many great books out today--Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks, Strange Angels, Death by Denim, Academy 7....

And, of course, Waiting for You.

Waiting for You is written by Susane Colasanti. It's her third book, and one of the things I love most about her books is how real and down to earth her characters are, and her practical, confident voice. In celebreation of the release of Waiting for You, Susane has revealed 10 high school myths. Here's the final one:

Myth #10: All of this matters.

Only if you want it to. If you want to walk away on graduation day and never look back, that’s your prerogative. You can stay in touch with your friends or not. And the kids who were mean to you? You never have to see them again. I’ve totally forgotten the names of most people I went to high school with. The day you can permanently walk away from the worst years of your life is a celebration of freedom. Rock on with your fine self. You deserve to be even happier than you can imagine.

Three summer related questions with Susane (because summer is almost here!):

TCR: What's your favorite summer vacation spot?

SC: It’s fun to go somewhere cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I’ve been to places like Miami Beach and Southern California during the winter, both of which I loved. It was so fun to wear flip-flops in the warm breeze while it was 23 degrees back in New York. I’m into European vacations, but I’ve always taken them during the summer when it was just as hot there. Here’s a tip: Do not visit Rome in August. You will spend the entire time dunking your head under fountains. I was a camp counselor in Maine one summer when I was in college. Whenever it reached 80 degrees, we would shut down all activities and have free swim. So Maine might be nice.

TCR: What three books are on your summer reading list?

SC: Well, we have Sarah Dessen’s Along for the Ride coming out in June, which I will of course be reading. I’m looking forward to the release of E. Lockhart’s The Treasure Map of Boys this summer. The first two books in this series were awesome! And the cover could not be cuter. This third one will be more difficult to accomplish. In 1961, Louise Fitzhugh and Sandra Scoppettone, two of my earliest writing influences, teamed up to write this book called Suzuki Beane. It’s about a beatnik girl who lives in New York. I just found out about its existence recently, but it’s out of print. If I can track down a copy, I’ll be crossing it off my Must Read list this summer.

TCR: What's your favorite beach read?

SC: I don’t really have one particular fave beach read. I tend to like books that are fun and extremely hard to put down as beach reads, since it takes my mind off the hot sun. The same kinds of books work best for me in airports. When I’m traveling, I only read books that have my complete attention. Waiting around for delayed flights is hardly annoying when you’re into a good book.

Thanks so much, Susane!

Now, go check out all three of her books, Waiting for You, When it Happens, and Take Me There (hint: they make fabulous beach reads and travel books!), or if you're still unsure, check out the sampler below for first three chapters of each book!

ALSO! One lucky commenter will get a signed, finished copy of Waiting for You! Winner will be announced Monday! Good luck!


Jessica Love said...

Oooh, I want to be that lucky commenter!

Paradox said...

I can't wait for summer. I have a huge list of books to get from the library, and my TBR shelves are full of great books too. I hope Waiting For You will be one of them!

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Bow-ties are Cool: Alyssa Guyll said...

There are so many good books coming out this summer! I just want to read them all...So many books, so little time. I'll have to check out Waiting for You, it sounds terrific!

Cecelia said...

Can't wait to read this book. It and Academy 7 are both arriving in the mail tomorrow...ahhhh! The suspense!

Sylvia said...

Please, just this once, let me be the lucky commenter, I love Susane Colasanti:)


Kate said...
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Kate said...

They should really let you edit posts on blogger.

I can't wait for summer. I have nothing planned (except work) but the GCSEs will be over. And I can spend any free time meeting friends/reading. Please let there be a heatwave in England! Please -(if you're wondering who I'm pleading with - it's The Big One - the man on the top - The Weatherman).

This sounds like a great summer read :)

jpetroroy said...

I love light, summer reads. I can't wait to read this, and also, Sarah Dessen's new one!

Unknown said...

I can't wait for summer to come! So many good books are coming out!

Cinnamon said...

I wish I had knew back then that all the social ... junk wouldn't matter after school. Oh, if we only had the smarts back then!


Erica said...

I absolutely love When It Happens, and Take Me There is pretty good too :) I can't wait for Waiting For You!

There's so many good books coming out this month!

Melanie said...

I love reading books on the beach! It's so relaxing.

soundistheword3 said...

Ahhh. I wish I could afford to buy like all of the books that have come out recently in preparation for my summer reading (I think my list has over 50 books on it and so many are hardcovers). If only... (well, maybe I can rely on the library for a few)
So... please enter me! I loved Susane Colasanti's other two books and can't wait to read this one.

Kristin at dazdnconfusd@comcast.net

Laina said...

I'm embarrassed that I haven't read any of her books, lol. I should, though!


Yan said...

it's funny because we have almost the same books to read!

hopefully I can add her book to my list! :D

Carlene said...

What a great questions. Please inlcude me in your giveaway.

Unknown said...

Waiting for You looks so cute! Please, enter me in the contest. :)

pepsivanilla said...

I cannot wait to read this book!


SarahChristine said...

there are so many new books coming out right now,its hard to chose which one to read first


Lenore Appelhans said...

It's funny because a lot of my HS classmates are friending me on Facebook. A lot of them I don't ever remember talking to me at all - so why would I friend them now?

(no need to enter me in the contest)

Llehn said...

Thanks for the review!