The Compulsive Reader: Vampire Diaries TV Show

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vampire Diaries TV Show

So, before Stephenie Meyer introduced the world to her sparkly and polite vampires, there was L.J. Smith. L.J. Smith is the writer of numerous series involving the supernatural for teens--Vampire Diaries, Night World, and The Secret Circle--all published in the 1990's. They've recently made a comeback and have been republished by HarperTeen and Simon Pulse with new looks. Now, the CW has made a show out The Vampire Diaries. Check out the trailer:

Looks cool, huh? As far as I can tell, this series doesn't premiere until the fall, so you've got all summer to pick up The Vampire Diaries (and perhaps Night World or The Secret Circle as well?) and get caught up. They really are great books!


Kate said...

I've wanted to read some of L.J. Smith's books for ages :)

Cass said...

Oh my this looks so good. I have read just about all of L.J. Smith books and they are just incredible. This TV show looks amazing too! gahh can't wait

Laina said...

Man, I remember reading these years ago, all original copies. In the 2000's for the most part, but long before the reprints.

Anonymous said...

Even though I wasn't really in love with Twilight, I can't resist vampires, and I'm really looking forward to this new show! I'm even thinking of reading the books this summer! Hopefully the show will be good!