The Compulsive Reader: Fall Releases and Supernatural Reads

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fall Releases and Supernatural Reads

Here's the latest vlog, in which I talk about fall releases and supernatural reads:

Books mentioned:
The Everafter by Amy Huntley
Fire by Kristin Cashore
Hold Still by Nina LaCour
Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford
Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiana
The Life of Glass by Jillian Cantor
Liar by Justine Larbalestier
Night World Volume Three by LJ Smith
Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Marley Gibson
Undead Much? by Stacey Jay
Dark Guardians: Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne
Meridian by Amber Kizer


Bookworm said...

I really want to read Viola in Reel Life, it sounds so good! And i love the cover, too!

Wow, you've got a great lineup there--happy reading!! (:

a flight of minds said...

Tons of great sounding books there. Everafter sounds a bit like If I Stay in a way. I'm really excited for Fire. Have fun reading. :)

- Alex

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Great vlog! :)

I'm going to read the LJ Smith books on my Kindle! I almost bought Vol. 1 today at Wal-Mart but decided to see if it was available in Kindle because they are just TOO big! :) And Kindle is cheaper in the end. :)

Kami Garcia said...

Lots of great choices!

Kay Cassidy said...

Great vlog, Tirzah! I'm so excited to read FIRE too. I finally read GRACELING last month and can't believe it took me so long to pull it out of my TBR pile. Totally amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great, just great.

Anonymous said...

Nice vlog. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Morgue and Me.

Alea said...

Yay! I love your vlogs, any chance you would consider doing a vlog tour of your bookshelves? I remember the tiny picture you posted once, would love to see more!

Alyssa F said...

You are so cute! I loved watching hearing about all your books. Can't wait to see your reviews!