The Compulsive Reader: GirlForce: A Girl's Guide to the Body and Soul by Nikki Goldstein

Friday, June 19, 2009

GirlForce: A Girl's Guide to the Body and Soul by Nikki Goldstein

Check out this cool new book. I was a little doubtful at first, but it does have some pretty cool and useful advice.

Nikki Goldstein's new book GirlForce is a comprehensive guide to beauty, health, and confidence, based on the idea of an ancient system called Ayurveda that determines that everyone has a body type—Air, Fire, and Earth, and by catering to the needs of your body type, you can boost your well-being.

Goldstein's GirlForce is a crash course in Ayurveda for teen girls (though really, this book can be enjoyed by women of any age), helping them determine their body type, and then laying out guidelines when it comes to food, exercise, fashion, stress, and even relationships. The nice part about the book is its straightforward and non-preachy attitude and the guidelines set out are just that—guidelines. You don't have to follow them strictly, but they offer some smart ideas on how to be healthier and stress-free, and even provide some interesting insights on how people operate. For those looking for a simple, flexible, and fun-filled guide on being healthier and happier, check out GirlForce, and look for its sequel, GirlForceShine

Cover Comments: Not only is the cover really pretty and colorful, but the entire book is full of great photography and bright patterns! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Compulsive Reader,
Thanks for your fantastic review. It's really exciting to see my book on your website. If any of your readers want to find out more about GirlForce they'll find heaps of information on www.mygirlforce.com and the companion site for parents, www.gettoknowyourdaughter.com. Again, thanks for your interest and support.
Nikki Goldstein

Alyssa F said...

I do love the cover. Interesting book.