The Compulsive Reader: Twenty Boy Summer Twitter Party!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twenty Boy Summer Twitter Party!

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Join us for this one-of-a-kind YA book launch party featuring book
trivia, spontaneous (and sometimes inappropriately personal) author
Q&A, prizes and giveaways, laughs, and tons of tweety tomfoolery
celebrating Sarah Ockler's debut novel, TWENTY BOY SUMMER!

Date: Friday, June 5, 2009
Time: 7:00-11:00 PM, EST
Location: Twitter.com

10 Reasons to Come to Twenty
TWEET Summer

  1. At this swanky book launch party, you can totally
    show up in your PJs.

  2. Prizes and giveaways throughout the night! Goodies include signed
    books, bookstore giftcards, cool sea glass stuff, and Sarah’s
    hometown-inspired gifts like Buffalo’s famous chocolate sponge

  3. Unlike attending a regular party, you won’t have to see Sarah
    dance and then pretend that she doesn’t totally suck when she asks you
    about her moves later. And trust us. She will ask.

  4. It’s free! No cover charge for Twenty Tweet Summer!

  5. Rap, country, pop, grunge, classic rock, indie… at this party, you
    can be your own DJ!

  6. No forced conversation with that goofball at the munchies table. I
    mean, unless you’re into goofballs. You’re call at the Twenty Tweet

  7. Nothing will get broken, including your new heels, your glasses,
    your heart, or that really expensive one-of-a-kind sculpture someone’s
    parents brought back from Greece.

  8. Chat with YA author Sarah. Go ahead. Ask her any embarrassing,
    crazy thing you want because she’ll be there all night, ready
    to dish about her own summer of 20 boys.

  9. There’s pretty much zero chance of the cops busting up
    the party.

  10. Sarah is excited and honored to celebrate with you as she
    introduces her debut novel, TWENTY BOY SUMMER, to the world! So please
    join us for the fun!

  11. Bonus reason: Okay. How adorable is our Twenty TWEET Summer mascot
    up there?!

Party Pointers

  • You'll need a Twitter account (free) to join the party. If you
    don't have an account, you can sign up

  • Be sure to follow Sarah at href="http://twitter.com/sarahockler">@sarahockler before the
    party. Only Sarah's twitter followers will be eligible for

  • When you get to the party on Friday, say hi, introduce yourself,
    ask a question, or jump right in on the conversation! Just use the tag
    #20BoySummer in all of your party tweets.

  • Watch for TWENTY BOY SUMMER book and author trivia questions from
    @sarahockler throughout the night. Answer correctly to win more

  • If you've already read the book, don't post any spoilers! No
    comments or questions that give away the good stuff!

  • Stop by any time!

  • Party times are listed in EST.


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WhatBriReads said...

Nice! I'll definitely be there if I remember :)