The Compulsive Reader: Interview with Nikki Goldstein

Friday, July 3, 2009

Interview with Nikki Goldstein

Nikki Goldstein, author of GirlForce: A Girl's Guide to the Body and Soul, was kind enough to take a moment to answer a few questions about her new book. To read more about GirlForce, click here.

How many GirlForce books are there?

There are seven books in the series in Australia and two books will be launched in the USA (GirlForce – A Girl’s Guide to the Body and Soul and Shine – A Girl’s Guide to Total Beauty). The books are all designed to help girls celebrate themselves – just the way they are. The complete series includes topics such as self-esteem, boys and crushes, pampering, friendship and body image.

What sort of research went into writing GirlForce?

In 2000 I wrote an extensive wellness book called “Lifeforce” which was designed to reach an adult audience. I spent a full 12 months researching that book, which involved interviewing experts from all over the world, delving into the most up-to-date health science and investigating Ayurveda, the 5000 year old wisdom system from India. The idea was to bring the best Western ideas and the most potent age-old thinking and combine them to create a revolutionary way to look at health and well-being. All that background, as well as 20 years as a beauty and health journalist has gone into GirlForce.

To add to that, to date I have done the largest survey of teenage girls in the world. The survey elicited 14 thousand responses from girls from all over the world. The girls also wrote nearly 1 million words about themselves and their lives. This research has been validated by university professors and it stands as a powerful snapshot the girls of this generation.

Besides writing, what other jobs have you held?

As a writer I have been lucky enough to work for the some of the best titles in the world including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Outside my life as a journalist I have also done some fun things. In my early 20’s I managed an all-girl pop group and travelled the world touring them (that was my first introduction to teenage girls!). I’ve also worked in art galleries, done face painting at markets, worked in fashion boutiques and read Tarot cards to earn a buck when I was broke.

Are you an Air, Fire, or Earth?

I am an Earth girl. And this is important, because being an Earth girl (with curves), I always found my look was out of step with fashion. As a teenager I struggled with my body image but at the same time I refused to diet. Somewhere deep inside I was rebelling against the rigid mores of fashion which dictated a very limited ideal of beauty. As I became a woman and worked in magazines I petitioned my editors to break with the code (that skinny, white, blonde equals beauty) and they always refused - saying that the prevailing ideal was actually what sold magazines. GirlForce is my way of rewriting the code. As an Earth girl I always wanted permission just to be myself, curves and all! I hope that no matter what shape or size, skin colour, nationality girls will relate to my self-love message.

What would you say to girls who may be a little hesitant to read and take part of GirlForce?

I may be biased but there’s nothing scary or intimidating about GirlForce! GirlForce is all about loving yourself. It’s at once a simple way to add fun and healthy activities into your life, but at the same time it’s about building self-esteem. The idea is that when you learn to look after yourself, by lovingly giving yourself healthy food, healthy exercise and healthy pampering, you start to glow from the inside out. That glow of self-love is what I call GirlForce. GirlForce is for every girl. The best thing I can say is what have you got to lose?

Thanks so much, Nikki!

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Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I love the girlforce books! so much that I actually found this site when i was checking out prices online to get one for my cousin who will be 12 this year.