The Compulsive Reader: Supernatural July: Books That Will Keep You Up At Night

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Supernatural July: Books That Will Keep You Up At Night

Wake by Lisa McMann

Janie doesn't really feel like she belongs. She's been mostly self sufficient since she was young due to her mother's alcoholism, and steers slear of most people, afraid that they'll learn of her secret: Janie can enter into others' dreams. Unwilling or otherwise, she is a silent observer to anyone who may be sleeping near here. Janie has been able to handle it for nearly 11 years, until she becomes friends with Cabel. Because Janie actually partakes in Cabel's riveting nightmares.

Told in a journal format that allows the story to glide along smoothly, Wake is fast paced and full of high suspense. Janie is the girl that everyone knows, but no one notices, thus making her story and life even more appealing. The tension and the mystery, the vagueness and trepidation are what make Wake so appealing. Readers will follow this mesmerizing story with rapt attention as Janie's talents expand, she discovers the truth about herself and rises to take her place in the world.

Fade by Lisa McMann

Christmas Break has been quiet thus far for Janie and Cabel. But now the Captain has their first joint assignment: there is reason to believe that Fieldridge High has a sexual predator among the teachers. While Janie and Cabel are quick to narrow down the suspects, their relationship suffers from withheld feelings and thoughts. And then Janie discovers the dreadful truth about her abilities and the dim future ahead of her.

Lisa McMann's sequel to her popular debut Wake contains the same creepy dreams and suspense, plus a stellar, structured plot and more skillful character development. Fade unfolds more quickly than its predecessor since it was revealed to readers that Cabel is working for the police, but that doesn’t mean all of the secrets our out in the air—quite the opposite, in fact. McMann's style is stark and steady, and her frank, straightforward manner is refreshing. The climax of the novel is riveting and frightening, and will have a very real and relevant impact on teens. This is a quick read that will have you rooting for Janie and Cabel, and has the power to scare and entertain at the same time.

Cover Comments: I wasn't too crazy about the covers of Wake and Fade at first, but they've really grown on me. I like the glass of water on this cover (it's not a blue candle like I thought at first!), and the black and blue colors with the big font for the title make the books look intense, which they are. Good cover!

Gone by Lisa McMann

Janie thought she knew what her future held. And she thought she'd made her peace with it. But she can't handle dragging Cabel down with her.

She knows he will stay with her, despite what she sees in his dreams. He's amazing. And she's a train wreck. Janie sees only one way to give him the life he deserves--she has to disappear. And it's going to kill them both.

Then a stranger enters her life--and everything unravels. The future Janie once faced now has an ominous twist, and her choices are more dire than she'd ever thought possible. She alone must decide between the lesser of two evils. And time is running out...

Gone will be released in February, but in the meantime, if you are a fan of Lisa McMann's books, you'll love Terri Clark's Sleepless. And don't be fooled by this cover--it truly is a great book!

On the outside, Trinity Michaels might be just another teenager, enjoying her last summer before college. But inside, there's a secret—while Trinity dreams, people can visit her...people she knows. And when a girl named Kiri that Trinity once met comes to her one night, begging for an escape from her kidnapper, Trinity is crushed when she doesn't get Kiri the help she needs in time.

Trin hoped that she'd get some closure over Kiri's killer, Rafe Stevens' incarceration. But instead, his lawyer uses shady tactics and gets Rafe into a mental hospital...where he promptly breaks out! And there's something else: while at the mental hospital, Rafe somehow managed to attain the ability to walk into Trinity's dreams, and now he's bent of revenge. Trinity will be forced to team up with an unlikely ally—Dan Devlin, son of Rafe's lawyer, as she struggles for a solution that will save her life…if only she can stay awake long enough.

From newcomer Terri Clark is a fast paced and heart pounding novel that will keep you up at night! Clark handles her plot like a pro, and her fun and modern voice, along with many well placed pop culture references, entice and encourage readers into the story. The characters are those that readers can't get enough of—amusing, intelligent, savvy, but yet a bit fallible as well. Sleepless is a quick read, and the storyline is one that is simple enough to ensnare reluctant readers, but complicated enough to still be highly engaging. With all the suspense and danger of Lisa McMann's Wake and the sharp wit and supernatural allure of Meg Cabot's The Mediator series, Sleepless—and Clark—are sure to be a success.


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing the tips on these reads. I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but these covers are stunning!

Amelia said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely adding Sleepless to my tbr pile.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind mention. XOXO, Terri