The Compulsive Reader: Supernatural July: The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Supernatural July: The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Check out this eerie read from Jessica Verday, hitting stores September 1st, 2009!

Abby is devastated over the loss of her best friend Kristen, who disappeared one night on the bridge near the cemetery in their small town of Sleepy Hollow. Everyone believes that she committed suicide and drowned herself, but Abby can't accept that. At Kristen's funeral, Abby meets Caspian. He's gorgeous, but also a bit of an enigma.
As she spends more time with him, she suspects he's keeping secrets from her, but he's also the only one who makes her feel like her old self again. But with her developing relationship with Caspian, Abby learns a few secrets that Kristen kept herself, and the truth about Caspian himself that just might be far too large for her to grasp.

The Hollow is a dark and enthralling new spin on Washington Irving famous tale that is certain to keep readers up late at night. Jessica Verday's vivid imagery and descriptive language capture the mood and setting of the novel perfectly, and fit Abby's dark and grim mood as she struggles to get through each day without Kristen and questions everything she knew about her friend as secrets are revealed. The pace of the novel is steady, and Verday effectively builds suspense throughout the book as every small event leads up to the final pages when Abby discovers the secrets behind the people she thought she knew. Verday answers some questions, but not all, leaving readers hanging and in desperate need of a sequel. The Hollow is a dark, brooding, and wonderfully delicious debut and Verday is a talented new author to watch.

Cover Comments: This cover's colors are lovely. I really think the deep blues and purple tones fit the book very well, and I like how the necklace is brought out in the cover (it has significance in the story). This is a very striking cover, and I really like the title treatment.

What three words would you use to describe The Hollow?

Haunting Love Story

What makes The Hollow unique?

The main character, Abbey, has the unusual hobby of perfuming and the story itself is set in an American town with a famously supernatural and literary history, Sleepy Hollow, NY.

What supernatural book has influenced you the most?


What supernatural book are you looking forward to reading?

DREAMDARK: SILKSINGER (Faeries of Dreamdark) by Laini Taylor

Thanks, Jessica!


Diana Dang said...

Silksinger is an amazing one!! : )

Kate at Read This Book! said...

It's great that you enjoyed The Hollow! I did too!

The Compulsive Reader said...

It is a great book!