The Compulsive Reader: Supernatural July: Need by Carrie Jones

Friday, July 24, 2009

Supernatural July: Need by Carrie Jones

When her father died, a part of Zara did too. Now she's just a walking shell, nothing like her old self. So her mother sends her to the small town of Bedford, Maine to live with her grandmother in the hopes that the change of scene will do her good. Zara can't help but feel mad at her mother for sending her away, despite how welcome everyone makes her feel. There's something creepy about Bedford...like the strange disappearances of young boys and the man who keeps following her, and how no one will let her go out at night. Something sinister is going on, and Zara is caught up in the middle of it.

Though the initial set-up of the novel is a little standard (girl arrives at a new school, makes friends, makes enemies, develops a crush), Need is a really imaginative and smart paranormal read. Though still grieving over the death of her father, Zara is a clever and likable character with backbone, and she doesn't wait around for anyone to save her. The supporting characters are funny and diverse, from the energetic new best friend to the smoldering hot male lead. Carrie Jones' writing is very detailed, from the weather in Maine to the dangerous pixies, and she writes with wonderful clarity, making for some super-creepy scenes. Need is a delicious combination of mystery, dark secrets from the past, electrifying romance, and bone-chilling danger that will make you look at gold glitter in an entirely new way.

Cover Comments: This cover is all right. I like the branches and the gold accents, however I think that the face and neck look a little cartoon-ish. Nonetheless, it's very eye-catching!


wdebo said...

I Need to read Need (haha-I know I'm a nerd)

But really it looks so good, and I feel like I'm the last one to read it...gotta start now!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like it'll be good.
I have to get my hands on this soon.

Thanks for the review!

Melanie said...

I actually didn't know this book was paranormal. It does sound really interesting! I agree with you on the cover.

Abby said...

I totally agree about the cover, I love the branches at the bottom, but I don't really like the face.

Nat said...

I bought this book because I thought the cover was interesting. Guess I'm starting yet another YA series!