The Compulsive Reader: Favorite YA Books, Part 2

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Favorite YA Books, Part 2

Favorite YA Books #2! In this, I present some of my favorite books that were published 2+ years ago. You can view part one here.

Click here to learn about the order of Tamora Pierce's novels.

Also, it wasn't until after I was done filming and had uploaded the video that I realized I forgot to mention another really great book--it's called Bad Kitty, and it is written by the hilarious and charming Michele Jaffe. It's a mystery, a comedy, a romance, and it's hysterically funny! Do check it out! (And the sequel, Kitty, Kitty takes place in Italy!)


Lana said...

The Song of the Lioness is definitely my comfort read. If I had to pick a series that really influenced me growing up, that would be it. So glad you mentioned it!

Last year, I did a post for the 25th anniversary of Alanna's first publication. If you're interested, it's here.

Beth F said...

I watched both your vlogs -- great list of YA titles and some were new to me. Thanks so much.