The Compulsive Reader: Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Micah has always been different, and her habit of constantly telling lies is just one of the ways she gets through life. She's an outcast, nobody in her wealthy school. So when one of the most popular seniors, Zach, is murdered, and it comes out that Micah was secretly dating him, no one can seem to believe it. But that's only one small truth amidst an avalanche of lies that Micah has told throughout her lifetime in a desperate attempt to conceal the shocking, unbelievable truth about herself.

Told in Micah's perspective and organized neatly into separate sections, Liar is an intensely compelling read. The first half of the book contains secrets and half concealed truths that will hook readers and draw them in on a quest for the truth, and then the second part of the book consists of Micah grappling with her situation and sorting out the truth from the lies…for the most part. Micah is a very engrossing narrator that you can't help but like a little, despite her numerous faults and the amount of frustration she causes, and she never does what you would expect. Justine Larbalestier’s ability to cause her readers to like a main character they can’t trust is a remarkable, though it isn’t necessarily Micah that will motivate readers to finish the book, but rather a need to discover the truth.

And Micah’s tale is a convoluted, dark, and complex one that is as thought provoking as it is thrilling, and will not fail to surprise you. Thought Micah makes a point to inform readers she will never lie to them, it becomes staggeringly obvious that she does exactly that…whether or not you choose to believe her story is up to you.

Cover Comments: This cover is...weird. I do like the green and black color scheme, but the girl on the front is all wrong. Her hair hiding her face fits (for reasons that will become apparent once you read the book), but Micah actually had super short hair, and she is of African descent. The girl on the cover looks too white. I find it really odd that Bloomsbury would put a white girl on the cover of a book when the main character is so clearly black. Do they think it will sell better? if that's the case, then that is just tragic, and I hope they reconsider the cover when it comes time for the paperback release. Unless they are trying to confuse the reader even more so, since Micah's character is always changing with her lies? Too many possibilities!

So, maybe it isn't the most accurate cover, but I suppose it does its job.


Cecelia said...

Great review! I look forward to checking this out...

Beth F said...

Despite the cover issues, this one looks good. I picked up an ARC at BEA this year and I hope to get to it soon.

Thao said...

I'm so glad the book happens to be really great. I'd so love to read it.

a flight of minds said...

Liar sounds really interesting, although confusing. Great review!

- Alex

SerieslyReady said...

I've commenting for about half an hour about this cover on other blogs.

Despite the the cover issues, I would like to read this book.

SerieslyReady said...

I really need to get some sleep. I can hardly read or type for that matter.

ritathecheetah said...

I really look forward to reading this book.

But Justine posted an article on her blog (link to come) about what happened with her book.

Cover issues aside, I want to read this book so badly.


Abby said...

when I went to the tab with this review on it I just kind of glanced at the cover and it freaked me out! it looked like the chick from the grudge, but then I looked at it and realized it doesn't, but at first glance, it scared me.