The Compulsive Reader: Scholastic and Catching Fire

Monday, August 10, 2009

Scholastic and Catching Fire

One of the cool things I did in NYC after visiting NYU was visit Scholastic. It's a really neat building! They have Harry Potter banners out front, a rooftop terrace, and inside the building their mission statement is woven into the carpets! It's quite neat!

While I was there, I met several very cool publicists (thanks again for having me!), and author and editor Lisa Ann Sandall (I have her A Map of the Known World on my TBR list!). I was also shown an actual finished copy of Catching Fire! It's gorgeous! It turned out so well! However, I only got to ogle it for so long before they whisked it back into its vault! Ah, September 1st, come quickly!

In order to make the wait not so agonizing though, here are a few awesome widgets and videos:

Countdown Clock


Audio Excerpt

And go here for more fun stuff, like desktop banners, buddy icons, posters and bookmarks!


Here's to hoping August goes by quickly! Enjoy!


Liyana said...

Thanks for the links and goodies! I liked it here: http://liveandbreathesmexily.blogspot.com/2009/08/hunger-games.html

I hope you had fun! Scholastic FTW? :P

Anonymous said...

Like I said, you should have taken Catching Fire and RAN. Haha.

It's okay you didn't, because you won an AWARD. From ME.