The Compulsive Reader: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

Rose's world shattered when Dimitri Belikov, her mentor and lover, was turned into a Strigoi. Now she's determined to find him and honor the promise they once made to each other that they would rather die than become completely evil and soulless. But her mission will prove to be harder to complete than Rose originally thought. Not only does she run into road block after road block, but Lissa is struggling to cope without Rose. Strange new forces are at work, and unless both Rose and Lissa watch their backs, they could end up dead.

The fourth book in the Vampire Academy series is probably one of the most dramatic yet. Rose is forced to face harsh realities and grow up a bit more in the process. She becomes more mature and a little wiser, but thankfully doesn't lose her tough, lovable devil-may-care attitude. This is the first book that isn't set at St. Vladimir's for the majority of the novel, and it is interesting to see how Rose handles the freedom and experience her new discoveries. At the same time, Mead packs in a lot of interesting cultural facts and tidbits, sneaking in a lesson in Russian culture and history without the reader even realizing it.

The inevitable meeting with Dimitri is farther along in the book than many readers would like, but it doesn't fail to disappoint. It doesn't go quite as expected, but is nevertheless entertaining and will leave you flipping the pages quickly, hanging in suspense. Mead wraps it up with a surprising turn of events that is unexpected on many levels. Blood Promise is certainly one of the better books in the series, brimming with revelations and more insights on this imaginative vampire world, but still containing the agonizing yet not unexpected cliffhanger ending. Spirit Bound is just as eagerly anticipated, if not more so, than Blood Promise.

Cover Comments: I love this cover, I think it is the best out of all of the ones in the Vampire Academy series. The green is a great color choice, and the pose of the model fits the book well. I also really like the new format that these books are in, it's very striking!


Lauren said...

Loved this book! And your description is perfect.

TashBash said...

This book was amazing, before this the only books I had ever read were the Twilight Saga and one day I picked up Vampire Academy (through boredom I admit) and read it in one night. The following weeks I bought and read all the others including Blood Promise and the point I'm getting at is amazingly this book and its precedents are more compelling and dramatic than that of Twilight.

So after that rant if anyone else reads this comment all I can say is atleast have a look at this series... and I can't wait til' Spirit Bound (Literally!)