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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Stuff

Hey everyone,

Here are some fun things happening around the blogging world:

Want to meet Richelle Mead?

This evening while browsing the Vampire Academy website, I learned that Richelle Mead is going on tour again in November. Only this time, she's letting her fans pick where she's headed! You can vote from a list of locations, and the top ones are where she'll be headed! Unfortunately, none are near me, but check it out!

Looking for a Contest?

Both Stephanie Keuhnert and Danielle Joseph (who are also both MTV Books authors!) are holding a contest to help promote Danielle's book Shrinking Violet! See all the details here!

Celebrate Banned Books Week

Ellen Hopkins, who wrote the kick-butt poem Manifesto in honor of Banned Books Week, is going through some censorship issues herself right now. Click here to learn how you can help.

A Michigan Event

Also, remember that Ellen Hopkins is visiting Michigan this week! Here is a list of the events she's doing, let me know if you'll be at one of them! The Portage event is also really close to Indiana, so for any of you northern Indiana folk, consider it!


And remember to enter the huge Summerland giveaway, with a special contest for bloggers! The contest will be extended an extra week!

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MySharonAnne said...

OH cool thanks for posting that. You know which city I voted for.