The Compulsive Reader: Got Bookmarks?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Got Bookmarks?

Hey everyone,

This is a message for all you authors and publicists out there! I have started classes and have spent a lot of time in my school library so far. We've got a great librarian who is really great about staying up to date on books (when we have the funds), and I have been giving her bookmarks and postcards and other promo items to distribute to the students coming in to the library.

The good news: They're are going like wildfire! The librarian has had a lot of new book requests, and everyone is loving them and talking about them!

The bad news: I am almost out of bookmarks and postcards to give away!

Do any of you have bookmarks to donate (even if it is just a few?) to the library? They are going to students, many of whom are also requesting the books through the library. It is a really great way to spread the word about your books because you know us teens....we like to talk. A lot. And if we see something cool, we'll show our friends. And when our friends are right there when we see the cool thing....well, you know.

So please contact me if you would like to put your bookmark or post card in the school library! If I have extras, I also take them to the bookstores and the community library as well! If you feel more comfortable talking with my librarian, I can put you in contact with her as well!

My email address is thecompulsivereader@gmail.com




Lauren said...

I like that italicized bit... basically, they must succumb or be destroyed, at least with me xD

I wish my librarians stayed more current, they don't usually get a "new" book until months after it comes out.

Jen said...

Hi! I LOVE that you are asking for bookmarks for your library! :)
I have started making bookmarks for our library that show what's on order, or coming soon, especially if I can get good graphics.

I'm sorry Lauren's library isn't current. At mine, we try to have books on order a month ahead of time, and more if it something popular, like "Catching Fire".