The Compulsive Reader: Maureen Johnson Fans Rejoice!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maureen Johnson Fans Rejoice!

Hey everyone, here's some cool news floating around right now concerning a new series by Maureen Johnson:


New York, September 10, 2009—Disney-Hyperion, an imprint of Disney Book Group, has acquired a three book series from best selling young adult author Maureen Johnson at a hotly contested auction. The agreement was negotiated by Jennifer Besser, Executive Editor, Disney Book Group, and Kate Schafer Testerman of kt literary.

The series begins with a modern-day thriller about an American high-school student who enrolls at a London boarding school for her junior year. Soon after her arrival, a series of murders begins to take place across the city—on the exact dates and in the exact style of Jack the Ripper. Her ties to the killer bring her in contact with a secret paranormal branch of the British police. The first book in the series will be published in Summer 2011 with a new book following each subsequent summer.

“Maureen has incredible range as a writer,” said Jon Yaged, vice president, US publisher, Disney Book Group. “We’re thrilled to have her join the Disney-Hyperion list—she’s a wonderful addition and a perfect fit.”

Maureen Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and studied writing and theatrical dramaturgy at Columbia University, where she earned her MFA. In addition to writing books, she is also a scriptwriter for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince videogame. She lives in New York City, and travels to the UK on a regular basis. Her books include The Key to the Golden Firebird, The Bermudez Triangle, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, the Andre Norton-nominated Devilish, Girl at Sea, Suite Scarlett, Let It Snow, and the forthcoming Scarlett Fever. Her works have honored by the New York Public Library, the American Library Association, IndieBound (formerly known as Booksense), and Publishers Weekly’s “Cuffies.”"

I can't wait! I love Maureen's work, and I can't wait to hear more about this series! I think that Summer 2011 is also when the 13 Little Blue Envelopes sequel is coming out as well!



Mariah said...

Yay I love her books!

Alea said...

Interesting... i went on a jack the ripper tour in london. This I could dig!

Reyna Meinhardt said...

Eek! I'm excited! I love her books as well!

Kelsey said...

When I think about it I think that the last book of that series would be published the summer after I graduate from high school, it seems so very close now. Let's hope that's true to this series! I want them now!