The Compulsive Reader: Amy Huntley Signing!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amy Huntley Signing!

This blog post is very late in coming, but rather late than never, right? The Thursday before last, I went to Grand Rapids to meet my book buddy Sara (of The Hiding Spot!) for Amy Huntley's first ever book signing! Amy is a Michigan author, and her debut novel is The Everafter.

Amy talked about where she got her inspiration for the book, some feedback she's received from her students (she's a high school English teacher!), and read a really great, really funny bit from The Everafter about a very embarrassing situation her character was in. She did such a great job!

After that, Sara and I waited at the back of the line, chatting about books and such until it was our turn to talk to Amy. Amy was very gracious, and signed my books and a bookmark for Sara since Sara's copy of the book hadn't been delivered yet. We talked for a long time, and it was such great fun!

And then after THAT, Sara and I hung around the YA section for another hour or so, just going through the shelves and talking about the books we spotted. That was some great conversation, and we had tons of fun. I picked up Hush, Hush and read the slightly different ending that had replaced the one that I read in my ARC, and we even discovered a book or two we hadn't heard of before. It was really fun! Sara was incredibly patient with my short attention span and my ADD-like conversation changes. And my mom and her boyfriend were incredibly patient with us as we babbled about book after book after book...

Anyhoo, do pick up The Everafter! I loved it, and it is such a thoughtful, beautiful book!


Eleni said...

Cool! I did enjoy Everafter :)

Cindy said...

I am following you now. I was almost positive I was before, I think I was just readin it, and not following it! LOL no wonder I wasn't getting updates!