The Compulsive Reader: Ellen Hopkins Signing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ellen Hopkins Signing!

Hey everyone,

Thursday night I took a little trip down to Portage, MI to see Ellen Hopkins at her signing at Barnes and Noble! I was super-excited because this was the first signing I had ever been to, and it was tons of fun! We arrived about a half hour early, and saw that the section they had set up for her was kinda of sad and small. I browsed the store for about fifteen minutes, and when I came back, it was standing room only! Ellen said it was her biggest turn out for her Michigan events so far! Yay!

Ellen then talked about her censorship issues in Oklahoma, and she discussed her inspiration for each of her characters in Tricks and read aloud a poem from each person's perspective. She also talked about how all of her other characters from her other books are based on people she's met, which was interesting (and sad and scary) to know that all of the books she writes are just that much more real.

Then we had a Q&A and Ellen did a great Twilight impression (it was right on the money, really) and made us all laugh, and then want to cry in the next minute (which is really the nature of her books). It was a great event!

Then, I got into the very back of the line where I met up with fellow blogger Sara, and we chatted up a storm as we waited to get our books signed. Then, we met blogger and ultra-awesome librarian Laura and stood around and gabbed for another hour and half! So much fun! We must connect at later signings!

All in all, a great first signing! Ellen Hopkins is an excellent speaker, so if you ever get the chance to see her in person, definitely take advantage of it!

Also...I got a little souvenir for you blog readers...a signed copy of BURNED! It's my favorite book by Ellen, and I'll be giving away the extra signed copy here on my blog. Just comment below and tell me which author you'd most like to meet and why and you'll be entered! Contest ends on October 31st!

Also, Michigan readers: stay tuned for some more cool event announcements!


Anonymous said...

*jealous* I LOVE Ellen. She's one of my favorites.

Burned is also my favorite. I'd love a copy for my own bookshelf.

The author I'd love to meet most is Sarah Dessen. She was the first YA author I became addicted to. (This actually might happen next month!!!)

Sarah said...

It sounds like the sighing was SO much fun!! I'm glad that you were able to meet Ellen. She's a great writer. And Burned is my favorite book by Ellen too!

I'd like to meet JRK, since it was her series that started my reading obsession to begin with. That would be totally awesome! :)

Kelsey said...

She is one of my favorite authors! I've read all her books, but Tricks which is in my TBR pile.

I loved Burned and would love a signed copy(:

I would love to meet Sara Shepard (author of the Pretty Little Liars series) I just would love to hear her talk about the series.

Jessica B said...

Wow, that's so cool! I've never been to an author signing...yet....

I would want to meet...Oh, toughie. There are so many....But I think I'll stick with Maggie Steifvater. Her books are so poetic but have their occasional sarcastic moments, and I'd love to hear her joke around and talk about the book.

shutupjessicasreading at gmaildotcom

DeNiSe said...

Hey I just went to a Ellen Hopkins Booksining She really funny and a great speaker She also talk about the contovercy with her book being banned I loved here

jpetroroy said...

I'd love to meet Meg Cabot. I adore her books and based on her blog, she seems so funny and personable.

jpetroroy (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

So cool you got to go to her signing!!

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks and sounds like lots of fun!

I'd like to meet Rebecca Stead to find out how she came up with the idea for When You Reach Me and how she was able to plot it out so amazingly well!

foltzsfantasticbooks at gmail.com

Readingjunky said...

I got to hear Ellen in Ann Arbor. You are right - she was fantastic!

An author I would like to hear speak is Laurie Halse Anderson. I met her in Chicago at ALA, but I'd love to see one of her presentations.


Cecelia said...

I'd love to meet Neil Gaiman. I once stood in a signing line for three hours, but it was slated to go on for at least another four, and I hadn't brought snacks and was feeling faint, so I left. I have SEEN him from afar...
I'd like to meet him because he's a favorite author of mine, he's incredibly intelligent, and I also hear that he's genuinely nice and wonderful.
But yeah. :) Please enter me!


Anonymous said...

I really want to meet J.K. Rowling...still and 6+ years later. She's like the goddess of modern literature. The likelihood of her coming to my part of the U.S., though....unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous that you met her! I'm reading Tricks right now and it's soooo amazing!

The author I'd love to meet is Laura Wiess. She is my favorite author ever but since she lives in Pennsylvania (I think) I haven't had the chance to meet her...yet. I've made it my mission to be at one of her booksigning before I die because it would be total magic for me.

Unknown said...

I'd love to meet Shannon Hale. I love everything she's written, and I love her blog too!

earley at ffni dot com

Melanie said...

I have to move away from the sticks. Authors rarely stop by the area I live in. One author I'd love to meet is Michelle Zink. She seems so sweet!

I've never read a book by Ellen, but I've heard nothing but good things about her books.

Unknown said...

Wow! She's one of my famous authors!

I'd like to meet JK Rowling. She's really influenced young adult lit and I LOVE the Harry Potter series.

Please enter me!

Jessica Love said...

I'd love to meet JK Rowling. The woman is a genius! Maybe it would rub off on me...

Daisy Whitney said...

I can't believe I haven't read any of Ellen's books. Should I start with Burned?

The Compulsive Reader said...

Sure! All of her books are standalones except Crank and Glass. Crank is first, and Glass is its sequel. But I definitely recommend Burned, it's my favorite so far.

Anonymous said...

I would like to meet Kristin Cashore.

Mama Nez said...

So jealous, because it sounds like you had a great time and that Ellen Hopkins is amazing. Crank was my favorite but I haven't read Burned yet, so I'd love a copy to read for myself.

I would really love to meet Kristin Cashore, because Graceling and Fire are awesome, and Suzanne Collins because Hunger Games is my favorite. To hear either, or both, of them talk about their books would be really fascinating.

Unknown said...

The one YA writer I'd love to meet most of all is Sarah Dessen. She is my favorite writer and the writer who got me started loving YA books. =D

- Brittani

loreleimarsh said...

I would love to meet Patricia Briggs. While she is not a YA author, her work is very accessible to teens. The character Mercy Thompson is a strong female lead that you don't find very often in fantasy series. Her work in both her series just inspires me!

Check out my post about the series!

Aik said...

I'd love to meet Michelle Moran. I love her latest novel, Cleopatra's Daughter. It was a GREAT read.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

ExtremeReader said...

I would love to meet Melissa Marr or Cassandra Clare! Thanks for the awesome contest!!

Letter Garden said...

Uhhh, I don't own any Ellen H. books BUT I'd love to read one. :D

I'd love love love to meet Shelena Shorts the author of her debut book THE PACE. She's such a great person and I think we would have a fun time.