The Compulsive Reader: I Can't Keep My Own Secrets by Teens Famous and Obscure

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Can't Keep My Own Secrets by Teens Famous and Obscure

I can't Keep My Own Secrets is the latest Six-Word Memoir book (which began with Not Quite What I Was Planning), written entirely by teens, famous and obscure.

If you've never picked up one of these books, they're really quite simple: the book is filled with "memoirs" that consist on only six words that range from sad to funny to heartbreaking and everything in between. This collection especially captures so many emotions, making you laugh and think and want to cry, all in the space of one page. Some memorable ones:

"Found out I had cancer. Damn."

"Hair's pink to piss you off."

"I resent people who ignore grammar." (I LOVE this one!)

"I never got my Hogwarts letter."

.....And so many more!

It's really easy to just flip through this book quickly and read all of the entries, but the best part is that there are so many of them, you can keep coming back to them every once in a while and feel like you're reading them for the first time. I'm just in awe of the talent and intelligence some of these teens possess, and it is always so much fun going through the memoirs. It's a book that will make you laugh, challenge some of your beliefs, and make you think, six words at a time.

And P.S., I actually have an entry in this as well (though I don't think mine is anywhere nearly as good as most of the ones in this book), which has its own little story behind it, but I won't tell you where it's at, you'll have to buy the book and see if you can't find it yourself!


Cecelia said...

SO. cool. I will check this one out...I know people in it! (you and Steph Bowe)

Great little review, too!

Kate said...

I am definitely picking this up if I see it. It sounds like such a beautiful book.

Melissa Walker said...

LOVE this book!