The Compulsive Reader: Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor, With Illustrations by Jim Di-Bartolo

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor, With Illustrations by Jim Di-Bartolo

First kisses can be romantic, awkward, disastrous, funny...and in Laini Taylor's three stories, downright dangerous. Lips Touch: Three Times is imaginative and detailed, accompanied by gorgeous artwork that goes along with each story, full of romance and danger.

In “Goblin Fruit”, Kizzy is an out-of-place, wishful teen yearning for first love and for the perfect guy to kiss her. Only when a guy comes along, he's far from perfect...but can Kizzy see that in time?

“Spicy Little Curses Such as These” takes you to British occupied India and into the heart of hell with Anamique, a girl forced mute thanks to a curse laid upon her by a spiteful demon. But when true love comes along, Anamique questions whether or not the curse actually exists, and in doing so risks the lives of everyone she loves.

The final story, “Hatchling”, tells the tale of Mab and Esme, a mother and daughter on the run from a fearsome and cruel immortal race, the Druj, which has lost touch with humanity. But their fates are intertwined with the powerful Druj queen, making escape nearly impossible.

Taylor's stories are the perfect combination of danger and suspense, romance and a bit of the dark side. Though each one is short, they are affecting and vividly imagined, and their settings are diverse, from an average high school to the heart of India, and to a foreign, cold, and powerful kingdom. The characters are enticing, and their stories riveting and the endings aren't always happy or light, but they are unforgettable. These tales are reminiscent of original fairy tales--dark and sometimes a bit gruesome, but they don't fail to entertain, and will certainly stand out among other books of the same genre that are seeped with happy, blissful endings. Taylor's work is elegant, sophisticated, and dark, and I can only imagine how wonderful a full length YA novel from her would be.

Cover Comments: This cover is just gorgeous! I love the colors used and the style of the drawings! And the cover is just the beginning--the book is brimming with beautiful drawings that follow the stories. I also really like the color scheme of the cover, which is also reflected in the color of the fonts inside. This book is stunning inside and out.

And here is the book trailer!

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Chelsea said...

Wow, the cover art is amazing! I'm not that into short stories, but I might have to check this one out some time!