The Compulsive Reader: Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker

Music-loving Quinn is looking forward to spending a fun summer before college in Austin, Texas, the live-music capital. She's got an internship at a record label and a place to crash at her cousin's condo. But when she gets to Austin, not all is she expected: her cousin is a complete sorority girl, her internship is only one day a week, and Russ, the world's most annoying cowboy/frat guy will not leave her alone. One thing's for sure: this will be a memorable summer!

Melissa Walker's fun-filled and light novel is the perfect relaxing, summery read. Quinn is a very smart, confident character, but not too perfect, and Walker's large cast of unique and quirky supporting characters makes Lovestruck Summer quite memorable. Russ is a great male lead: annoying at first, but sweet and genuine, and reading about his and Quinn's misadventures is quite humorous. Walker makes Lovestruck Summer a smart but fun read about the ups and downs of romance with an engaging narrator that's easy to fall for. This book makes a great, budget-friendly pick-me-up.

Cover Comments: This cover is really fun (I love the bright colors used), but it's a bit misleading as it really doesn't have too much to do with the content of the book, which is more about music than anything. Nonetheless, it's a really beach-y one, and this is a great beach-y read.


Kelsey said...

This looks like a fun summer read!

Nice review.

Melissa Walker said...

Thanks for the review. This was a fast and fun one to write too--the perfect summer story to tell. :)