The Compulsive Reader: Little, Brown Spring 2010 Sneak Peek!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little, Brown Spring 2010 Sneak Peek!

Hello once again lovely readers and welcome to the third list of upcoming reads for 2010. While this one is rather shorter than the previous two, if you are a supernatural fan, this list is for you. Here we go:

The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafron is one I'm quite curious about. I bought my mother his adult book, The Shadow of the Wind, which I've read rave reviews about (I actually read the first page and am dying to continue; any book with a Cemetery of Forgotten Books must be excellent, right?) Zafron is a bestselling author in Spain, and I've heard nothing but good things about The Prince of Mist, so it shall be interesting.

Patrick Carman is the bright mind behind the movie/book combination of Skeleton Creek and its companion, The Ghost in the Machine. His latest book, 13 Days to Midnight, is another supernatural read about a teen boy with unnatural abilities on invincibility...that he can pass on to other people. Very interesting, eh?

The first time I saw the cover to Guardian of the Dead, I was reminded of The Phantom of the Opera. However, it has nothing to do with it. It's set in modern day New Zealand, and that's about all I could find out about it. Nonetheless, I do like the cover, and since I judge books by their covers a lot, I'll definitely end up picking this one up.

Sisters Red has one of the coolest covers ever. It's a modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood (woohoo, another retelling!), which I think shall be interesting. The original tale is, of course, told with a very young protagonist, so it'll be fun to see how Jackson Pearce re-writes this one as a YA book. I've only read one other Little Red Riding Hood retelling, and that was Scarlet Moon by Debbie Viguie, so Sisters Red should be fun.

This next one is a science fiction read--Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi is set 100 years from now and is about a boy named Nailer who dissembles ships in order to live. Very vague again, I know. But I'm always up for a good futuristic read and once again, the cover is pretty cool, so this one looks good.

Sorta Like a Rockstar is the lone contemporary on this list, and is about an optimistic girl named Amber who lives on a school bus. Well, I'd need to be pretty optimistic if I lived on a bus too. This title is pretty darn awesome, and it appears that this book will be quite a laugh.

And of course, another highly anticipated read from Little, Brown is the sequel to Prophecy of the Sisters, Guardian of the Gate. So far there's no cover, though I did see one that got axed a few weeks ago. I'll be curious to see which direction they go with it, if it'll resemble the Prophecy hardcover or paperback (which is quite different, and once again, I couldn't track down the image for that one either).

The list keeps growing...and growing...and growing....can you take any more??


Dani. said...

2010 is going to hurt my wallet! Soooooo many good books! :)

Thao said...

Little Brown 2010 YA list looks totally awesome ^^

Melanie said...

I'm lovin' these lists! So droolworthy. :)

Valerie Geary said...

Ooooo... I loved "Shadow of The Wind"! Thank you for the heads up that he's coming out with a new book this year!

Michelle Zink said...

I'm SO psyched for The Prince of Mist. Zafon is among my Top Five Favorite Writers. Both Shadow of the Wind and The Angel's Game are phenomenal, and I'm incredibly excited for The Prince of Mist. If you're looking for a fantastic Gothic read, Zafon always delivers!

As for my cover, there is a "placeholder" cover on the Prophecy paperback in the LB catalog, but it's the German cover (which is gorgeous, imo!). They actually shot the Guardian cover (along with what will probably be the "real" paperback cover) last month. I'm as excited to see it as you are! Having seen some of the "pieces", I'm very optimistic that it will be beautiful!

Thanks for mentioning Guardian in your post. I'm in very talented company, indeed.


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Can't wait to read more by Zafon as both Shadow and Angel were AMAZING.
I also like the sound of the Rockstar book!