The Compulsive Reader: Captivate by Carrie Jones

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Captivate by Carrie Jones

This book is the sequel to Need, and the review will contain spoilers unless you've read Need!

Zara and her friends may have succeeded in trapping the killer pixies preying on young boys in Need, but now they find themselves facing bigger problems. Pixies from all over the world are flocking to Maine, sensing Zara's father's weakness and hoping to become the new pixie king. They are bringing plenty of trouble with them, especially a certain pixie king, Astley. He insists that Zara must become his queen, and as much as she loathes the thought, she can't help but want to believe certain things he tells her. And then when things veer wildly out of control, it turns out everyone must face challenges they never dreamed of.

All the lovable and dynamic characters from Need return in Carrie Jones's Captivate, making for a witty, suspenseful, and absorbing read. Despite its rather serious elements, Captivate stays witty and cute through the light romance between Nick and Zara and the fun supporting characters that often provide comic relief throughout the story. Zara still remains a strong, admirable heroine with her passion to help people, from oppressed people in third world countries to her own friends and family. Though she is very noble and protective, her very real fear of what might come keeps her grounded and human.

A few new characters are also introduced, which keeps things interesting. Astley’s appearance in the series will most like inspire many Team Nick vs. Team Astley debates among fans, and it will be most interesting to see how the relationships between Nick, Astley, and Zara develop, especially as it is the dynamics between the three that provide plenty of tension that propels Captivate’s plot. Though the book itself feels more like a continuation of a story in general rather than its own entity with a beginning, middle, and end like Need, the surprising turn of events and the cliffhanger ending will have everyone eager for a sequel. Captivate is a wonderfully entertaining book, one that girls will continue to flock towards thanks to its gutsy and relatable heroine and the constant action and suspense throughout.

Cover Comments: I like how the gold glitter is used as a tear in this cover, which is very appropriate as in some ways, this book is slightly sadder than Need. It's very pretty and certainly eye-catching!

ARC received from Bloomsbury.


Precious said...

Awesome! I'm so excited to read Captivate and Need!

Thao said...

The series sounds totally awesome. I hope they'll come out here soon in my country. I love the cover of Captivate!