The Compulsive Reader: Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

Beth has always been the ugly one, cursed with the worst genetics when it comes to her appearance. But, she can sing beautifully, and it is her Bliss Youth Choir and her best friend Scott that help her make it through the cruelties of high school. When her choir is chosen to travel to Switzerland to compete in the Choral Olympics, Beth gets a complete high-tech makeover, courtesy of Meadow, a fellow, rich member of her choir. Finally feeling pretty for the first time, Beth attracts the attention of Derek while abroad, and they are ecstatic to discover that they don't live too far away from each other back home. But their romance at home is much more complicated--Scott confesses his love for Beth, but Beth loves Derek, despite the fact that he is hiding something big from her...he's dying.

Sing Me to Sleep, Angela Morrison's second novel, is simply told with an immense amount of depth. Beth's story is one that really grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go. Morrison writes mainly in prose, a slight change from her first novel, Taken by Storm, but song lyrics are sprinkled liberally throughout. Her descriptions are beautiful and accurate, making you feel as if you are right with Beth in Switzerland, on stage, or at the hospital. The romance in Sing Me to Sleep was perfect as well: it captured all of the passionate, pure feelings of first love and was steamy yet chaste. Through her relationship with Derek (and to a certain extent, with Scott too), Beth really did make peace with who she is and can be, and she learned that you don't have to be perfect to love or to be loved.

The emotions run strong in this book. Both bright and sorrowful, Sing Me to Sleep will have you sighing in content and crying. Grief is a kep part of the book, and as Beth learns, in love too. She must learn to let go, and to have hope. Morrison certainly makes you smile as Beth undergoes her transformation and then cry for her and Derek and their relationship. This sweet novel is touching, poignant, and hopeful, and for fans of her previous book, Morrison certainly does not disappoint. I'm breathless with anticipation to see what she comes up with next.

Cover Comments: I think this cover is beautiful--perfect for the book! The colors are soft, and the snow and the brushing hands just so lovely. It's such an accurate indication for what the story will be like.

Sing Me to Sleep will be available from Razorbill on March 18th, 2010!

ARC received from publisher.

Also, stick around for a contest to win signed copies of both of Angela's books and for an interview with her later next week!

P.S. What do you think of the new cover for Taken by Storm? Which one do you prefer? It's so hard for me to choose. I really like the hardcover's water-stained journal look, which is very cool (and if you've read the book, you'll see how it ties in with it). However, the paperback cover is just so perfect and appropriate--I can't choose!




Amber Skye said...

Sing Me To Sleep sounds like a good read for me. I think I'll look into it.

I can't choose between the Taken By Storm covers! I like the journal-like appearance of the first one, but I also love the poses of the models on the second actor.

j said...

I can't wait to read sing me to sleep! It looks great.

I love the paperback cover for Taken By Storm. The sky looks really pretty.

Erin said...

I think I like the Hardcover better. I like the softcover as well, but the Hardcover has such beautiful colors.

The Library Lurker said...

Sing Me To Sleep sounds SO GOOD! I have a gigantic wish list and it just seems to keep getting bigger, so I might as well add this one! Great review! I like the paperback cover better than the hard back, personally.

Lana said...

I really like the idea of Sing Me To Sleep - I like stories set around performing teenagers - especially when they're more in-depth than just joy in the limelight.

As for Taken by Storm - I think I prefer the first cover. I like the journal look and the inset photo. It's just so pretty and tropical looking!

Sarah said...

I really like the paperback cover so much more. It's absolutely gorgeous and does a nice job of fitting the book too.

Sarah said...
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Krista/Tower of Books said...

I really look forward to Sing Me to Sleep.

As for Taken by Storm, I can't really decide. I like both covers, but I think the first one is slightly more unique.