The Compulsive Reader: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Lennie has always been the companion pony to her older sister Bailey's thoroughbred. So when Bailey dies suddenly, Lennie feels lost, shut up in a house of grief that she can't leave, and plagued by memories and thoughts of "What if..." that she can't escape. There are two guys who make her life a little bearable: Toby, her sister's boyfriend and one of the only ones who understands what she's going through, and Joe Fountaine, a musical genius new to town that is able to distract her from her intense grief. But both make her feel guilty about moving on with her life, and will force her to somehow reconcile with her grief and learn to live without Bailey.

Stunning, gorgeous, exquisite...those are only a few words that can be used to describe Jandy Nelson's debut YA novel. The Sky is Everywhere starts out in a quirky, poetic way that will delight and entertain. The themes of loss and grief are deep and explored thoroughly, as well as forgiveness, betrayal, wanderlust, and of course, love. The many eccentric and authentic characters cause this novel to stand out, along with the dreamy and almost magical setting of California in the summertime. Add the poems and conversations that Lennie writes and leaves all over town and the many references to such classics as Wuthering Heights, and you have a deep novel that illustrates just how wonderful and confusing and painful life can be. Though it seems as though The Sky is Everywhere should have a dramatic climax in which some surprising twist is revealed, it never happens, keeping the plot realistic and the further illustrating the slow change that Lennie has experienced since the death of her sister. The Sky is Everywhere is a quiet, moving novel full of searing grief, simmering romance, and the more subtle nuances of life and love.

Cover Comments: This cover is beautiful! It caught my eye the moment I saw it six months ago, hanging on a wall in an office--my first thought was, "Whoa!" and my second thought was, "I MUST read that!" I love the colors and how nothing is quite perfectly symmetrical. The refractions of the light are a nice little touch, and the font of the title is fantastic. This is one stand-out book!

The Sky is Everywhere will be released from Dial on March 9th, 2010!

ARC received from publisher.

Also, check out the website for the book at theskyiseverywhere.com!

And here is the trailer:


Anonymous said...

I want to read this!

Lynn E. Hazen said...

I loved The Sky is Everywhere. A really wonderful read on so many levels.

Amber Skye said...

Now this looks like a good book. I'm definitely going to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

I know this is gonna sound so stupid, but when I was reading your synopsis/summary, and you used "Lennie is the companion pony to Bailey's thoroughbred" I was like, wtf had I missed? Is this a book about horses?

yeah...my bad. I've read tons of reviews for this book so I thought I completley missed the fact that it was about horses..except it wasn't. Okay. that aside, this is a wonderful review!

The Compulsive Reader said...

Audrey: Sorry if that seemed awkward to you. It's actually an extended metaphor that Lennie makes in the book.