The Compulsive Reader: Willow is in Paperback!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Willow is in Paperback!

Hey guys,

One of my absolute favorite books of 2009 was Willow by Julia Hoban, and it is out in paperback this week! I seriously love this book, and Julia is so sweet, and the paperback price is easier on the wallet, so there are three good reasons to buy the book right there! Also, check out the trailer:

I really like it, but since I made it, I'm, um, a little biased.

Be sure to pick up your paperback copy now! It's pretty awesome!


WhatBriReads said...

Awesome! I looooved Willow. :)

The Library Lurker said...

I recently read Willow and I loved it too! Here's my review if you're interested:

Oh, and apparently your video was removed by the user, just to let you know.