The Compulsive Reader: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Chloe Saunders and her friends think that they may have finally found a safe haven with Andrew, who has rejected everything the Edison Group works for and has connections to other supernaturals who feel the same way. But Chloe, Tori, Simon, and Derek are nothing if not cautious, and they don't entirely trust these adults, who are afraid of what their genetically modified powers are capable of. As the four dig deeper and deeper into the mysteries of their abilities and the politics concerning their well-being, they'll find some chilling secrets and shocking revelations that will force them to realize that there is only one way out this danger...if they can survive long enough.

The main focus of this final book in the Darkest Powers trilogy seems to be the question of trust. Who can Chloe trust among her friends, who can they trust out of all of the adults supposedly taking care of them, and most importantly, do the trust each other enough to work together and find a safe place? The story can get a bit convoluted as loyalties continue to shift, and surprise after surprise is revealed, but one thing that really keeps the book grounded in Chloe’s relationship with Derek, with all of its believable and relatable tension, attractions, and frustration. It's not overly complicated, but it is realistic and well drawn out.

As with the previous books, plenty of action is packed between the pages, leading up to the final showdown, which is a bit dragged out, but nonetheless dramatic and exciting as Chloe, Tori, Simon, and Derek must face hard choices (Chloe especially flirts with danger) and work under pressure to figure out a way to escape. The story wraps up in a satisfactory manner in that all old grudges and issues are resolved, but Armstrong leaves the group's future wide open. Luckily for readers, Armstrong has a new series coming out, beginning with The Gathering and with new characters, which will allow readers to remain in Chloe's world a little while longer. Overall, The Reckoning is a very fine finish to a thrilling trilogy.

Cover Comments: Again, I like the style of the covers in this trilogy. Very glamorous, very mysterious. It's pretty, and eye-catching, and it shows just enough of the face, but still lets the necklace be the focus. Nice.

ARC received from publisher.

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