The Compulsive Reader: The World Above by Cameron Dokey

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The World Above by Cameron Dokey

All throughout Gen's entire life, her mother has been telling her and her twin brother stories about the World Above, the land they truly belong in, and of the misdeeds that led to their exile in the Wolrd Below. Gen has never really thought of the stories as anything more than bedtime tales, but Jack believes them wholeheartedly. So when Jack trades the family cow for seven magical beans and a magical beanstalk grows from one of the beans, Gen's skepticism turns into belief. But then Jack is kidnapped by an evil duke, and it is up to Gen to travel to the land she only just now believes in and rescue him.

The World Above is an imaginative and fresh retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. Dokey proves herself a clever writer with the rearrangement of the old tale to accommodate a spunky, if not reluctant, heroine and two different worlds--one 'Above', and one 'Below'. Like with many fairy tales, the true love happens with a snap of the finger, unexpected heroes and heroines nobly rise to the occasion, and the villain is quick to admit his mistakes and accept defeat when cornered. Nonetheless, all of the favorite elements of the story are present, and with a smart ending and a lesson on nobility and love and faith, The World Above is a great story for readers in want of a story more involved and complicated than the simple fairy tale.

Cover Comments: This is a cute cover, though the beanstalk does look a little fuzzy in the middle, which is understandable--there is hardly a large supply of giant beanstalks around to photograph.

Review copy purchased.


Jane said...

I read What Not To Do Your Senior Year by Dokey, and it was cute and funny. It's interesting to see a retelling by the same author... and it makes me curious to see how her writing has changed from her Simon Romantic Comedy days. :)



Jane said...

Correction: How Not to Spend Your Senior Year.

My memory must be failing me today :)

Sarah said...

This book sounds like a new and creative take on such a classic tale. Haha, it's and cool to see that the characters have spunk. Thanks for the review!