The Compulsive Reader: Cover Talk: Some Leggy Shots

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cover Talk: Some Leggy Shots

Last year, The Dark Divine came out and when its cover was released, people started doing all sorts of swooning and nail polish was being handed out right and left and things were generally a bit insane, all over this one cover, because it is admittedly quite, quite gorgeous and appeals to fans of the color purple.

And now the cover for the sequel, The Lost Saint, has been unveiled, and it is very blue. And leggy.

I do think that these are some beautiful covers (and I'm loving the fact that the publishers are working with the color black, but aren't pairing it it with red. I get a bit sick of the same black and red and white color scheme for paranormal books) and I think that these shots are quite striking. Some people have expressed some surprise at the fact that legs are a little suggestive and since the main character is a minister's daughter, they really aren't appropriate. While I can see where they may be coming from, I don't think the covers are inappropriate. 

What are your thoughts?


Anne said...

I can't see how they are suggestive!! Because we see lot of it? It's ridiculous, go to the mall or anywhere and you we'll see girls wearing short that show much more legs. Anyway it's only legs! I personnaly find the cover pretty awesome.

Larissa said...

When I first look at these covers, I don't think suggestive, but I do think anorexic. I think they'd be much prettier if the model was more normal-looking.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I don't think they are suggestive at all. Unless they were specifically in the romance section then maybe my mind would wander into the gutter but it wouldn't since it's in the YA section.

My only issue with these covers is "What's the point?". Sure, they are pretty and maybe slightly eye catching but how do they support the contents of the book? I hated that with the first one because I was really interested in figuring out how the cover related to the contents of the book but it never happened.

Midnight Bloom said...

I don't think they're suggestive but they're certainly eye-catching! The black ground make the colours more vibrant and just pop out. But like Jess, I still don't really understand how the cover is really related to the overall plot of the story... only that they're cool to admire!

Rebecca Herman said...

I don't think the covers are inappropriate, but I'm not a fan of them either. They don't appeal to me because they really don't tell me anything about the book or give me a clue what it's about, nor do I think they are awesome looking. So a big fat "meh" from me.

Amy said...

I think the covers are quite pretty but the second one lacks originality since it's basically the same idea implemented in a different color scheme and position. I was hoping for something new, heck maybe even just a different body part. But what we have here is perfectly fine...it's not exactly provocative, but I have to admit I'd have reservations about reading this one in public with the book jacket on.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Another thing about the generalness of these covers is that they seem to be just like a few other current series covers.

I specifically refer to The Body Finder Series covers where they've basically done the same thing except their first cover color was blue and now the second is a pink with the generic flower on the front. Another cover image I'm not sure how it plays into the context of the story.