The Compulsive Reader: Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Lily is half-mermaid, half-human, and has been attending high school on land in order to better understand her human side after having grown up in the beautiful, glimmering waters of Thalissinia, where her father is the king. On land, Lily is convinced that she has found her soul mate--the dreamy and water-loving Brody. But when her infuriating neighbor Quince won't leave her alone and tricks her into kissing him, Lily is in hot water. With a bond to a boy she doesn't even like, Lily has to learn to see past the surface of people and decide what she truly wants.

Forgive My Fins is a cute and humorous read with an imaginative concept. Childs' depiction of Thalisinnia is vivid and wonderfully detailed and Lily is an enthusiastic character whose love for water, bright colors, and marine sayings make her a wholly convincing and entertaining mermaid. It is obvious to the reader that Quince likes Lily (who valiantly tries to resist his charms), and their chemistry and Quince's charm are magnetic, which makes for a lot of funny mishaps and frustration on Lily's part. Though it does get a little tiring that Lily refuses to see that Quince genuinely does like her, and Brody will most likely end up being a "blowfish", Childs does throw in a bit of a twist at the end, making for a slightly surprising but healthy, smart, and satisfying conclusion. Forgive My Fins is quite an engaging and fun read, and readers will be eager for the next book, Fins Are Forever, to float this direction soon.

Cover Comments: I love all of the color in this cover! It's very fun and magical, which is just perfect for this book.

ARC received from publisher.


Unknown said...

Sounds awesome! Very original concept. And I agree, the colors of the cover are amazing.

Erato said...

I love this cover *o*
Really beautiful !

Nikki said...

I completely agree with this review and I adored this book! The cover is what caught my attention; I walked past it in a book store then had to backtrack when it caught my eye. Loving mermaids, I bought it on sight! I do agree with you as well that Lily's constant refusal and yearn for "separation" annoyed me and dragged as the book progressed but I loved the ending. Very cute book. :)