The Compulsive Reader: The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride

Tessa put her life on hold the day that her best friend Noelle disappeared in their small town in Ohio. For two years she thought constantly of Noelle, never giving up hope that she would come home alive despite what everyone told her. Two years later, she does--but she isn't Noelle anymore. Elle is impulsive and reckless, and is carrying around a lot of bitterness toward everyone in her life. She doesn't care about Tess anymore. Hurt, Tess keeps trying to reach out to her, taking comfort in her new friends Darcy and Max...who might be more than a friend, and she'll be forced to face the most frightening prospect: moving on without Elle.

The Tension of Opposites is a unique debut with a very gripping concept. McBride writes convincingly about this difficult situation, made even harder by the fact that Tessa has put her entire life on hold waiting for Noelle's return, but Noelle, now Elle, is so affected by her two years spent in captivity and the horrors she endured (which are touched upon, but not described in detail) that she is unable to pick up where she left off with Tessa, nor can she seem to make herself care. There is plenty of drama with Tessa's rejection, but one bright spot is her new relationship with new guy Max, who helps her open up to people by sharing her photography and by making new friends. However, even he can’t help her get over her problem: her inability to let go of Elle and the need to save her from destructive behavior is tripping up almost every other relationship in her life.

There isn't a perfect ending to The Tension of Opposites, nor even much of a resolution, but there is a little hope in the way that things end. This novel is a testament to enduring friendship and healing, and has a good balance between holding on and letting go.

Cover Comments: I think that this cover gives the impression that there are more action/dramatic scenes in the book than there really are, especially since this book is more about the healing afterward than the actual kidnapping, but it's still a very good cover nonetheless.

ARC received from publisher.

P.S. Kristina McBride will be signing (with J.T. Dutton, author of Stranded) in Ann Arbor a week from today! Any bloggers/authors.readers in the northern Ohio and Indiana or Michigan area should come out and see them, and talk with us! It'll be one great blogger/reader party! Email me if you're coming (thecompulsivereader@gmail.com)!


Anonymous said...

Mmm, If not sure if it's the type of book that I like but it sounds interesting.

Nice review


Harmony said...

I loved The Tension of Opposites. I was expecting it to be a little darker than it was and I feel it would've been more...powerful, had more details been provided. But I did think it was a SPECTACULAR debut.