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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Spoilers "Safety Page"

By now the whole world is flipping out about Mockingjay (read my spoiler-free review here!) and some people are even blabbing spoilers. If you all will remember my post earlier this week, Suzanne Collins asked us not to spoil the book for other people, because nothing is as much fun as discovering what happens for yourself.

However, for those of us who have read Mockingjay already and are DYING to discuss it with others....you've come to the right place. Go ahead and talk about all things Mockingjay in the comments. Yes, there will be spoilers, so if you're not into that sort of thing, you've been warned!

But please, please, please...keep the spoilers controlled! Don't go posting them on the web where unsuspecting readers can find them! That's not cool, and it's probably a death wish at this point. The point of this post is not to spread the spoilers and ruin it for people, but to be a safe place to discuss what happens and share our reactions to the book.

Discuss away!



The Compulsive Reader said...

Before we get started, I would like to say one thing:


Peeta wins, even in his tragic new state!

becca683 said...

what is peeta's tragic new state...i seriously don't want to read if something really bad happens to him.

amandalicious said...
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amandalicious said...
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amandalicious said...

@ The Compulsive Reader
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I completely agree!

favorite moment was at the end when Peeta says "you love me, real or not real?"
ahhhh, my heart melted!

but i really don't have much to say, only that mockingjay blew my mind. FANTASTIC!

Чорнильне серце said...

Oh please I can't wait any longer I need to know Peeta is died right?

The Compulsive Reader said...

I'm glad that both Peeta and Gale lived, though it was almost as sad as it would have been if Gale died when his friendship with Katniss seemed to end.

@amandalicious I loved that line too! So sweet!!

Meredith said...

I humbly confess and I will eat crow: I was Team Gale before reading Mockingjay and now I am Team Katniss. I still don't love Peeta as much as the die-hards do, but I don't hate him as much anymore. He was, at least, far most interesting in Mockingjay than he had been (IMHO) in the other books.

And even this former Gale-er will admit to melting at the "real or not real" line. Such a perfect ending.

Erin said...

I have to say, I was sobbing at the end. I'm still recovering. It was half of Prim dying and half of her not being with Gale.

I also broke down when Finnick and Annie got married.

And I'm not one to cry while reading.

Erin said...

Oh, I also wanted to know if anyone else was confused about the whole last games thing that they voted on. I was so sure that at the end it'd be all 'HAHAHA NO THIS ISN'T THE LAST BOOK THERE'S A FOUTH AND YOU HAVE ETO WAIT THREE YEARS!' but there was nothing mentioned after the vote.

The Compulsive Reader said...

Erin: I think that that discussion and vote wasn't about another games, but it was more about Katniss realizing that Snow, however despicable, was right, and that Coin wouldn't be a better leader--already she was heading down the same road as Snow. By voting for the Games, Katniss was able to throw off Coin and buy herself time to put a stop to her rule. Because even if there hadn't been another Hunger Game, Coin indicated that if she would consider it, then there are even more terrible things she would do.

Erin said...

Alright. I get it now. That kind of proves my slowness, because I thought that she had killed Snow at first and I was confused. I guess I was just reading it too fast and they both had President in the front and they are four letter names.

javajump said...

I am just sick about the whole book. I feel like the Capital won. Katniss and Peeta are so broken in the end, she is even "burned" as any girl on fire would have to be. I thought Prim's death was a waste. Killing penned up children was enough of a shock. There is very little to love in this novel (except the Drive the Cat Crazy Game). I was in pain the entire time I read it. I guess that is the mark of incredible writing, but these books are aimed at kids-and I know a few who are going to find this book over their heads and too mature. Thank you for giving us an outlet to talk, I just finished and am kind of stunned.

javajump said...

Oh, just wanted to add that I noticed the mention of her head trauma and bracelet she wears about her condition, and at a hundred pages in, I was predicting that Katniss was really in a mental institution in the Capital and that Peeta was the one leading the uprising.
I was wrong, but did anyone else notice it?

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Loved it! And go Team Peeta! I really enjoyed it, although I felt that too many people got out alive-I really thought more of the main characters we've known all along would go. At the end I thought for sure Katniss was going to die. I do wish she would have had a chance to stand up for herself at the trial too.

loved it said...

Jaavajump - I think Mockingjay had to be tragic and it had to leave scars. Suzanne Collins said from the beginning she wanted to be real about war and the aftermath... especially when talking to children. Because people rarely talk in real terms about war to children and we are losing the message the war hurts everyone. It is a waste (Prim and the children). It can create a vicious circle of violence and hatred (the victors besides K who voted for the Capitol Hunger Games) where it can be hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Because war can make the good guys do very bad things (and we saw Gale going down that path).

The only way the series could have ended without Katniss and Peeta being broken is if there was no war. Still the book ended with hope... hope that by teaching their own kids about the realities of the war and the Games future generations would be spared from that type of behavior (which IMO is why Collins thinks it is important to talk in real, yet age appropriate ways about war to our younger generations).

Anonymous said...

i loved the book and was totally happy about peeta and katniss finally being together without any lies or the games or the capitol interfering. it's just the fact that gale, who has been a major part of the books and katniss's life, is never really brought back into the story and we have no idea what his life is like after or if he ended up with someone else or still is in love with katniss. we just know he has a fancy job in district two and pops up on tv occasionally. what do you guys think happened?

The Compulsive Reader said...

I think that the fact that it was Gale's weapon that killed Prim and all of those children wrecked Katniss's and Gale's friendship forever. I hope that Gale realized this and found some sort of redemption, but I doubt that he ever talked to Katniss again.

Meredith said...

@ The Compulsive Reader -

I agree with the fact that Gale's weapon was the final break in their friendship, but you can see it coming through the whole book. I kept thinking that Katniss was struggling to hold their friendship together because it was one of the few things she had left, even when it was clear to her that they were moving in opposite directions. I think their disagreement, and esp. her disapproval of his plan, over the Nut is a good example of this.

Unknown said...

O.o ... So many of the characters died! I can't believe that Finnick got killed, right after he got his wedding with Annie. And I ESPECIALLY couldn't believe that Prim died! I suppose the ending was the best scenario we could hope for- a completely new start at life, and a clean slate with Peeta.

I was a Gale fan after Catching Fire, but I switched sides about ten minutes into Mockingjay- for one, Gale was such a jerk with his double-bombs and other plans, and secondly, Peeta was much more interesting this time around. But that's not to say that I was happy when Gale 'lost'. It was awful that Katniss essentially lost her best friend too, after losing everyone else besides Peeta.

I love how the Capitol and the rebels aren't just black-and-white, and how Katniss is nearly driven insane by all of this. And I definitely wasn't expecting this much violence ... but it was absolutely captivating.

omgitsjanine said...

I don't know about you, but I absolutely loved the Epilogue and how Suzanne Collins didn't end it with a nice pretty bow or a smiley face stamp.

Just to name a few of the many: Peeta and Katniss's insanity episodes, the part when Snow died laughing when Katniss shot Coin (or whatever the hell her name was) makes this book stand out from other YA books.

Other YA books I've read are so shallow, so simple and trite that reading this one was like getting a punch in the face. (BECAUSE IT'S THAT GOOD.)

At first I disliked Katniss in the two books, but now I've gained an even higher respect for her. Seeing what she's been through and having Prim die broke my heart for her. I love how in the end, she's not fully repaired--that she and Peeta will never be--but I also love how there's hope.

That even after all the crap they've been put through, they at least found some semblance of happiness amidst their broken selves.

Anonymous said...

PRIM! D: I was so sad when she was yelling at Buttercup. I didn't cry until I got to that part. It was so sad! :( Also, I'm just gonna pretend that Cinna is alive because he was one of the most awesome people ever. And Finnick. Finnick is alive as well in my head. :)

I'm really glad Gale is alive but I'm mad he turned out to be such a cold person. I'm glad he didn't end up with Katniss. I'm also super glad they didn't kill Haymitch because he was always interesting. Peeta got way more interesting in this book, but it made me sad for Katniss that she lost almost everyone she loved.

Lily said...

I've just finished it and I needed to discuss it so I'm glad I found this =)

So... Mockingjay. Basically, I think it was worth the wait. I was Team Peeta all along but I didn't totally dislike Gale, therefore I was happy with their relationships... status. I even liked the way Gale and Peeta formed a sort of alliance (although they were never enemies). And how Katniss realized that Gale was never what she really needed, so they sort of just... fell apart.

Now onto the plot. At times, I felt it had too much gore and gratuitous violence, when it became too much (Suzanne pretty much killed off everybody). But I figure she felt it necessary to make a point about the violence of war and how it destroys "everything we are" as Peeta puts it.

The thing that I was most disappointed with is how Peeta was... underdeveloped (for lack of a better word) in this book in comparison to others. I would've liked to read more about his struggle (and maybe I was a little irked with how Katniss "gave up" on him so easily at first).

Oh and that line of "You love me. Real or not real?” pretty much killed me *.*

Caitie F said...

I am kind of sick of the Team Peeta/Team Gale stuff, have been for a while.

I am going to say it - Mockingjay was the best book in the series. There was one thing that I had a feeling Collins would do and she did - have Prim die. It broke my heart that all Katniss had done to save her sister didn't matter because, in the end, she died anyway. I think many authors wouldn't go there, but I am so impressed that she did. It would have been easier not to. It broke my heart, but was fantastic story telling.

veronica b said...

Real or not real? This book was depressing from the get-go. REAL REAL REAL. Mockingjay felt so different than the other two, and I suppose it's because there was a lack of Peeta and Katniss interaction. It was great we got to see Gale in a different way, but Gale was comforting like Peeta was. And Peeta, i can't ssay he was more interesting than the other books, in fact, it makes it feel like Peeta might as well be dead. I suppose the thing that irks me the most is that we didn't get to see Peeta fall in love with her all over again, it was eery. He was like a ghost, and I was just mourning his death the entire book. When Collins makes us realize how dramatically changed Peeta is, I started crying. We fell in love with Peeta because he was too innocent for the games, loving, kind, gentle, not a piece of the Game (at least he tried not to be). And after his traumatic stay with snow, he's different, and that's what I can't shake. It broke my heart into a million pieces when I saw how broken he was, that he'd never be the same Peeta we fell in love with. Yes the deaths of Cinna, Portia, Prim, Madge, Finnick etc, it made me sad, but not as depressed as when I realized the Peeta and Katiss we fell in love with died, they are gone. I'm going to have to reread the book so that I can process the change, and come to love the new katniss and peeta. I love how it wasn't cliche, and Suzanne was not afraid to kill off beloved characters in the haze of the war. It was like they died and the moments they die come in a blur, at least for me. The epilogue, I suppose it was in a way satisfying. I just wanted to know what happened to gale, in his life, and then I figured, after prim, that was it. Their relationship was gone, she also lost her best friend, in a way, and so Gale's life is unimportant now, and there is no need to mention him in the epilogue. The epilogue was bittersweet. I still can't shake off the end and how depressing it is. The moment in the epilogue that shakes me the most is when she says,"Even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much more worse games to play." It gives me goosebumpes knowing 20 years has passed, and she's a woman now. She'll eventually die, haymitch will eventually die, Peeta will eventually die. I don't know something about realizing it's been 20 years later, it spooks me. It's like the Hunger Games are a ghost now, it's gone, it's like a distant memory, but it never really is, it's never really gone. Knowing that Katniss is 20 years older than from when we last read and lived her life. 20 years later, those words makes it feel so final, a depressing but hopefule ending. Goodbye Hunger Games. You were amazing.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Peeta wins. It sucks. However, I'm glad. To be frank, I would have liked it even if everyone died. I wish Katniss died though. (dodges knives thrown by other Hunger Games fans). No mistake, I love the series to bits. I loved the last sentence. In a way, I always knew Coin wasn't a good guy. It was obvious.

Over and out.

Anonymous said...

First of all let me say I'm SO grateful for finding this post. I've needed to discuss this but no one I know has finished yet.

I'm still processing the book and so these words are more me working through my thoughts than any final opinion.

I loved this book - up until Part III. For the first two parts, I felt like it all worked; I marveled at her talent in making everything work. Even when I didn't particularly love something, it felt right.

Part III didn't feel right to me. I didn't expect a happy ending, but I wanted an ending that made sense and to me this doesn't work. Part of it was killing Prim. I assume that was to prove the futility of war, because all of the sacrifices Katniss made turned out to be for naught. The scene on 386 with Buttercup reminded me of the death scene for Rue. I found tears rolling down my face and hadn't even realized I was crying.

Killing Finnick also bothered me because of Annie. I think I'd rather have had Katniss die than either Finnick/Annie or Prim.

I was pretty much Team Gale, but the way Gale developed in this book put me off him. Ironically enough, that was okay by me. It felt like Gale moved in the right direction for his character, even if it was wrong for Katniss. I'm surprised by Team Peeta people being satisfied though because to me, Katniss choosing him in the end was almost exactly what he'd said all along he didn't want - Katniss going with him by default rather than a real choice. They seemed to drift together rather than choosing each other.

I guess that's where the end lost me. I feel like Katniss survived in body but the Girl on Fire was extinguished.

Corinne said...

So... Peeta. Throughout both of the first two books I've been sure he was the choice Katniss should go with, but I never actually thought they would end up together. Of course, I WANTED them to, but it seemed too good to be true. I thought that maybe she would end up with no one, that Peeta would die (sacrificing himself, of course) and she would be so broken that not even Gale could rescue her. But I think this ending is even more heartbreaking then if he DID die. He wasn't the Peeta I grew to love and I treated him like a whole different person in this book.

Particularly, I was upset about the tiniest page that was devoted to explaining they ended up together. It was the last page and it was like "Oops, by the way, I remember I love you, so... lets be together, yeah?" I soooo wanted a short little tiny piece of genuine happiness, I don't know, like five pages, for Katniss and Peeta. Llike on the beach in Catching Fire where we can experience it with them, not just an empty 20 year span where we can only guess if they were truly happy. But I guess that's the point. They can never be cured, never be truly happy. It's so frustrating! Just love each other!! Ah, how I wish I could just hear into Peeta's mind when she finally admits she loves him in the end.

The Compulsive Reader said...


But that's just IT! The Girl Who Was on Fire couldn't survive such a brutal and bloody war. Katniss changed so much in the book, which is real and sad, but that's how it is.

And as for Peeta and Katniss just ending up together...well, that was right too. After all that both of them had been through, how could they just shrug it aside and make a conscious decision to be together and proclaim their love and have their little slice of paradise together in 12? They can't, there're too much pain and too many memories.

I didn't see it as much as Katniss ended up with Peeta "by ddefault". Her relationship with Gale had truly ended, and Peeta was the one who was there in the end for her. And when she was ready, he helped her heal and vice versa. Even though Collins doesn't detail it, I'm sure that's what happened, and Gale wasn't anywhere in sight.

Kellie said...

@Corinne I totally agree about the ending. I loved, loved, loved the book and the series as a whole but the only thing I would change is that breakneck-speed ending. I would have loved it if Collins would have given us 10 pages of closure instead of a 2 page summary of the first years post-war and a brief epilogue for the next 20. To me it was way too rushed.

That aside, I really did enjoy the book. It had me sobbing by the end and I know its going to haunt me for days, it was just that powerful.

BTW, I'm curious how they will make this book into a film younger fans can actually get into given the brutal violence throughout. I can see the first two books maybe squeaking by with a PG-13 rating, but Mockingjay will have to be an R. That scene with slaughter of the Capitol kids is enough to warrant the R but its completely necessary to the story so they cant cut it without ruining the integrity of the thing. An R rating would really mess up the film's box office numbers. I know it's a few years out but that concerns me a bit.

Bethany said...

At the end I think Peta was the best for her.
I'm still totally team Gale, he is afreakenmazing!
It also kind of scared me at the end when they where deciding to have one last Hunger Games with the capital kids, if I was in the same situation as any of them, I would have voted yes in a heartbeat. D:

gale fan said...

I completely and totally hated this book. I am disgusted with what the author did. I was a gale fan from the first time we met him in book one and still am so im sure you understand my anger ALKDFJLAKSDJFLA UGGGGGGHHHHH i love gale so much i am heart broken </3

The Compulsive Reader said...

Gale fan:

Well, if you think about Gale's character, you'll know that he was always the political one, and Katniss only ever wanted to take care of her family and survive. They just changed as people, and sadly their relationship couldn't stand these changes in their characters. It's reality, just like the brutality of the war. No, it's not perfect, but I think that Collins did an excellent job at staying true to the characters and creating a realistic novel.

amandalicious said...

@Gale Fan

plus, when it really comes down to it, The Hunger Games trilogy was not a love story. the love in the story just sort of happened naturally as it does in life.
plus i agree with what everyone else has said, gale and katniss might have ended up together (as she mentions at a point in Mockingjay, I believe) but with the Hunger Games came, not only Peeta, but a whole new set of circumstances. Both Katniss and Gale changed as people, and they just grew apart.
and yeah, I agree, Gale was always the political one. Katniss never was.

Ryan Daly said...

AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely loved this book, its even better than the previous two, which were also extremely great.

I loved all of the action and suspense of it. I found myself rushing to the end (which was in part due to the fact that my dad was leaving for london and i had to finish before he left so that he could read it). However, there were a few things that I didn't like/ had questions on. For example, what happened to Gale?? I understand that it was his bomb or w/e, but i hated how he kind of just dropped out of the story. All it said was he went off and got a fancy job. I think he could have been discussed a little bit further. Also, I really missed the old Peeta.I really did not like how he was changed for the majority of the book, but it was nice to have him back (somewhat) at the very end. I agree that the ending was rushed, but i loved the "Real or not real" and the "But there are much more worse games to play" lines.

All in all, I have had an awesome ride with Katniss and everyone else in the "Hunger Games" story. Thank you so much Suzanne. It has been a great one.

Anonymous said...

first off... i totally lovr the last line! anyone else?

haunting was the only word i could think of for this book. it has such powerful messages about humanity, greed, government, war etc. it's so fabulous.

peeta only won because katniss was broken. gale couldn't be with someone whose mind is half gone like hers. and i have to admit i liked the screwed up peeta a million times better than how he was in the first book. i always he was so spineless. anyway, gale loved katniss because she was strong and independant but after everything she went through there's no way she could have been with anyone besides peeta because he was so broken.

so team gale fans: be sad but not because katniss and peeta ended up together. it was sad because even all that the capitol still won so much. took everyone she loved and changed who she essentially is. there was no going back to her old life. no mother. no prim. no gale. just her and peeta in their very screwed up states.

collins wanted everyone to know that in the end we all lose so much if we let greed and such take over... that's why this book will be talked about. that's why it should be talked about. not because girls still want to fight about who should have ended up with who.

ps- not that I don't blame you i was always a gale fan myself

Colene Murphy said...

I wish there had been less of combat readiness stuff and more development on Peeta's condition, struggle, and bat-crap craziness. More about what happened to him ya know?

otherwise i loooooved this book. I'm still tearing up thinking about Prim. I didnt totally flip my girly-lid till Katniss started yelling at Buttercup. Then i had to stop reading and wait to be able to see the page again before i could go on.

I agree that i THOUGHT one of the main 4 would die but i wasnt disappointed that they didnt. Haymitch could have and i wouldnt have been crushed but I understand that he needed to be there for Katniss to cope. If that makes sense.

I also agree that Gale couldnt have ended up being the one ever much less after Prim. He was too calculated for Katniss-who was about passion and right vs wrong. Not winning and concurring. And it was his plan that killed her sister, defeating the whole point of her taking Prims place in The Hunger Games to begin with. She could never have over-looked that. ever. And i dont much care what he does now. I liked him, a lot, until the end of this book.

I got a little flustered when people we knew just started dying without much how-do-you-do about it in the team with Katniss as they invaded the capitol. I get, mostly, why but i would have liked to morn for more of the characters than we were given time to.

Okay. I think i feel better now... Thanks for this place to vent and discuss! I really needed it!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Suzanne Collins can write another with Peeta's point of view. How he pulled through the insanity after the capitol hijacked him.I just love Peeta!

Anonymous said...

@ Compulsive Reader:

I'm glad that you posted this page...however, your first comment made me lose some of my respect for you. I have read your blog for months and hold you to a much higher standard than that.

Where's the joy in Peeta winning a broken, empty Katniss? She basically turns into Haymitch, and Peeta's not much better.

I found the book to be very dark and depressing and wholly inappropriate for teens.

The Compulsive Reader said...


I apologize if my comment seemed rude and inappropriate. That was not my intent.

But I wholeheartedly disagree with you about Katniss, Peeta, and Mockingjay being inappropriate for teens.

Katniss is NOT Haymitch! Yes, she is broken and withdrawn. For a time she doesn't know how to function. No one can blame her for that. But unlike Haymitch, she doesn't try to forget it all in a constant wave of alcohol or drugs, and neither does Peeta. They have their own issues and flaws, certainly, but they do just the opposite of Haymitch and strive to remember through the book Katniss creates. In fact, Haymitch even helps with it a bit.

And no, this book isn't all victory and sunshine and romance. But it conveys an important lesson that isn't always so easily spelled out to teens in the evening news or in the history books: the futility of war. Not everyone survives, some acts are done in vain, innocent people die, and it's all too easy to get rid of a terrible leader and put one just as bad in his or her place. This is a book that will stick with readers, whether they be teens or adults, for a long time to come, and that is important.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your apology. I appreciate that.

I see your point about Katniss and Peeta healing in their own way. Of course, I know that they do not become addicts like Haymitch.

I meant that they are both so altered from the two characters we loved in the beginning that they are almost unrecognizable. How could they not be, after all they went through? I didn't find the epilogue satisfying in that it's twenty years later and she's still having so many bad days.

As to the inappropriateness for teens, I meant that the book is much more violent than the first two. The part where the children died around the president's mansion was the tipping point for me.

Yes, Collins has written a powerful book that everyone will talk about for a long time, but I feel like she turned to gore and violence as a plot device.

And I don't know that teens will really "get" the message. The book felt very adult to me, as a 30 year old woman.

Colene said...

teens will get it more than adults will give them credit for. That was the point, Collins point. The Compulsive Reader is right, I never got that kind of understanding when i was in school about war. Wish people had trusted me enough to know i could understand and handle it.

I think its realistic to believe 20 years later they are both having those kinds of issues. You spend your whole life fighting just to survive and then you watch all these people you care about die in the fight for freedom. Her whole life was a fight up until it wasnt at the end of the book. Its got to be hard to just get over.

The whole TEAM whoever thing was just a fun aspect, nothing to be sorry for taking sides, or voicing your appreciation of the side you took. and nothing to hold someone to low standards over.

Its war. Its dark. From the first book children die. The whole series is about how horrible it is and wrong and dark and the damage it does. If she had ended it with little detail, few casualties, etc it wouldnt have felt real or right. It would have been disappointing. and much too neat to be real.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of what you guys said. I really appreciated that Collins didn't underestimate us as an audience. I'm sick of reading book that are happy and lovey-dovey and end like a ray of sunshine just to satisfy the readers. This whole series was never a love story. Sure, people fell in love, fancied themselves in love, were confused by love, and fell out again but that is how it happens in life. It was a part of the story because that's how the characters developed.

In the end, there could not have been perfect happiness for people like Katniss and Peeta and even Haymitch because what they went through will never leave them. Not even 20 years later.

This book was so wonderful because is was honest and genuine and didn't sugar-coat things. It had serious themes that could only be presented in a blunt manner and I'm glad Collins wasn't too afraid of upsetting her readers to do it.

Anonymous said...

So here's what I can't completely figure out: The one thing that seemed to define Katniss' character and truly set her apart from the others was the fact that she would do whatever she deemed necessary to protect and care for those that she loved. For example when she took Prim's place or when she went to defend Gale at the whipping post and countless others. Yet when she realized what had happened to Peeta with the hijacking she just seemed to cast him aside and up until that point in the story nothing completely tragic that she had no chance of changing had happened to those she loved so to deem a complete change of her character from what I can see. Though I am not saying that it would have been easy to deal with and she is very stubborn and is not a very forgiving character but even when those she loved had done things she didn't approve of, and in Peeta's case he had no control of, she was still always there to do whatever she could to save them. It seemed that her ability to care unconditionally for the few people she truly loved - in whatever form that love happened to be in - is what made her such a strong character. So if anyone has any insights into why she just seemed to cast Peeta aside please respond.

Another thing that concerned me was the fact that she still seemed under Capitol control until maybe even the epilouge since she seemed to be forced back to 12 - not to say she wouldn't have wanted to go back there if she had the choice - but it just seems like after everything she went through and worked to change she never escaped. I can understand her broken state after all that she had been through but I was just hoping I guess for something that showed she finally did escape the Capitol, maybe broken, but at least she escaped and it was on her own terms not where she was a pawn of someone else's game.

Those two points bothered me but I did appreciate that the story wasn't sugar-coated and gave a more accurate account of the brutality of war. But I also wish the ending wasn't so rushed.


It was a good book, but I expected it to be a lot different. I wanted a lot more from it: The Avox girl's story, to know what Katniss' father's name was, some mention of Foxface (she remains my favorite secondary character), a HUGE plot twist where a character we thought wasn't so important lead the rebellion, oh and maybe Prim not dying.

Although I see why it was necessary, I really wish Finnick didn't die. I was indifferent to him in Catching Fire, but he really grew on me in this book. I feel so sad for Annie. I want to give her a hug.

"She's dead. She's dead, you stupid cat. She's dead." I was sad about Prim's death before, but this is the line where it really hit me. I started bawling and then my mom walked in and looked at me like I was nuts.

I have to say, Katniss killing Coin was apparent to me from the very beginning. I didn't like Coin, and any character that I didn't wholey love dies, every time.

This was a pretty depressing book, toward the end. The beginning was happy jolly times planning to kill Snow. But by the end Katniss is so damaged, all her relationships, everything, is changed for her. And I guess the ending's happy-ish, there's an underlying depression that cannot be ignored.

COLLINS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, WE NEED MORE CLOSURE WITH CHARACTERS. I wanted to know Foxface's name from the first Games. I wanted to know the redheaded Avox's story. I want to know more about the Capitol and how it operated. What really happened to Cinna? Who rules Panem now?

Anonymous said...

This was a heart wrenching read. I need time to process. Katniss, as any emotionally scarred individual probably is and who has gone through what she has, is emotionally underdeveloped. She can neither accept or give love through most of this series. Thus - she cannot recognize it in herself. The pearl I think represented the love/hope that Katniss had for Peeta, but could never understand it fully. Additionally, I don't think she ever expected to live and therefore didn't allow herself the privilege of giving or receiving love. Along with every other protection instinct she has, this one is strong. This must be why the guys were one step ahead of her in saying that she would choose the one who contributed to her survival, not love or passion. I found the violence difficult, but I think the portrayal of the aftermath and how that affected them was realistic. Never normal, never the same, but enduring and making a conscious effort to move forward and love. - Jen

Liza St.John said...

So I was just thinking about this... Where does it say what happened to Gale's family? I can't remember them being mentioned at the end of Catching Fire or anywhere in Mockingjay. Did they just cease to exist?

krissyblueyes said...

I completely agree with Veronica B. I think the book was amazing!! I did have an extremely hard time with the deaths of Prim and Finnick. I was really happy that Peeta and Katniss ended up together but I do wish we would have had more time with Peeta. Also I wish there would have been something about Gale in the Epilogue or for the two of them to at least of had a goodbye. It makes me sad just because they had been best friends.

Nat said...

I am disappointed with this book...it just wasn't as good as the first two, IMO. The whole tone of the book was so dark---like a reality check (which was probably needed but unwanted at least by me).

Anonymous said...

This book made me feel like there was no point in life for the main characters. I totally got the message of war and the consequences, but the epilogue kind of ruined it for me. It seemed like Suzanne Collins just wanted to rush the end of the book, and it pains me to see Katniss and Peeta not taking any kind of political leadership after everything they have done. We only got a sentence about what Gale did and it seems like Peeta and Katniss are just throwing their lives away. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing book, I truly think that it's an amazing message that children and teenagers need to learn about. But I believe Suzanne Collins could have more effectively wrapped it up. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that Finnick dies!!! Especially after he got married to Karly!!!! :(

Amanda B said...

Ksrly???? Who is Karly???? Finnick married Annie

Anonymous said...

Peeta deserved better than katniss

Anonymous said...

the endings really REALLY random
she should have made it better.

El said...

Very Random Thoughts:

I was very pleased with the ending. I knew that there was no way this would end in a neat tidy little casualty-free package. That has never been Collins' style throughout the series (remember Rue?). I love the series as a whole. I hate when a series ends!

Thrilled Katniss and Peeta ended up together. He was always "the one" she was just too dense to see it. How very "human." In fact, so much of this book/series is very about the the nature of humanity. Gale becomes a hot shot scientist/inventor once he is freed from life in district 12. He no longer has to focus on survival. It seems he never looks back. Hated that Prim and Finnick died but isn't that so true of war? There are always casualties. No one really wins, everyone loses something or someone. I think we got to know Prim a little better in this book. Her exchanges with Katniss were very telling of her goodness and sensitivity. She was almost like a "Beth March" kind of character- caring, angelic, too good for this world. Still her death shocked me.

Katniss killing Coin was very confusing! I had to read that passage two or three times to figure out what happened. I thought Collins did a great job with Katniss and relaying her fragile state of mind throughout the book.

Loved the first line, loved the last line, and really loved the epilogue. Love knowing that Katniss and Peeta built a life together that included children.

I am going to listen to the Mockingjay audio now.

kaitlin said...

I wonder what happens to Katniss' mom? Do Katniss and her ever reconnect? and I wonder if her mom ever liked Peeta?

Do you think Suzanne Collins would ever write a fourth book?or even a better epilogue?

Hush, Hush, Hush said...

A friend of mine and I were die hard Team Gale and another friend was Team Peeta. We'd use all our class time arguing, but after Mockingjay I'd say that I'm more Team Peeta. BUT I believe it's more Katniss who's changed more than Gale and part of what drove them apart. I'm not saying Gale didn't change in ways that made me want to pull the man out of the book and slap him (Example: Trapping the miners in the Nut) but I believe the trauma Katniss had been put through drove the stake even further into the breaking point. They're are few moments of the old Katniss talking with Gale but very, very few. She seems disoriented and lost most of it, which I believe was Collins's goal. (Habit of judging Female characters to harshly coming out again!) I rarely cry at books (It's more of the throwing them at walls thing with me!) but I nearly did several times in this book. When Prim died, when Gale moved to get a job in 2, when it says their children are dancing on a graveyard, and when Boggs and Finnick die, to name a few. There are LOADS of times I would love to strangle characters, to many to name actually. I have a question though. (HARRY POTTER SPOILER AHEAD!!!!!!) It reminds me so much of the end of The Deathly Hollows, who Rowling killed off so many characters that the readers all dearly loved; much like Collins did at the end of Mockingjay.

((A great book to use as black mail.....))

~ Hush, Hush, Hush

Jordyn said...

I'm going to have to read all these comments but I just have to say that MOCKINGJAY might just be the best YA book ever. I'm not even kidding, it completely blew me away. I love it so much.

Anonymous said...

I acctualy wished katniss had chossen Gale over Petta

royalwizard said...

why did prim have to die! :( what a sad way to end a book i hated this i wish they would have never made mockinjay and ended it at catching fire! so many good people had to die for no reason

Anonymous said...

reading these comments helped me sort out some of my feelings for the book. I hated it as soon as I finished it-- I was frustrated at the lack of resolution and katniss' inability to face any sort of emotion (other than sadness).

in a way, collins tricked me. she lured me into loving peeta and hoping for a happy ending-- I wanted katniss to work with peeta and convince him to love her again, I wanted there to be proof that there was some sort of innocent and unconditional love out there in the world. mockingjay smacks me with reality, like a sudden break-up with a significant other. the katniss and peeta who end up together are not the same characters from the first two novels, I wish collins had written more.

from a more practical standpoint, this book feels so much like a first draft-- I wish she'd gone through and fleshed some things out and cut out others. the end is rushed and missing so much exposition that would have made it much better.

Anonymous said...

Mockingjay was really good. Can't deny that. But I swear when Finnick died, I almost started crying. Finnick was one of my favourites. And then the baby. Oh that was just torture... I loved the way that Peeta and Katniss ended up together,even though they became different people from when the Hunger Games first started. And the way Peeta was ..changed. Do you think he'll ever be close to who he was?

Anonymous said...

i finished mockingjay at eleven in the night and was shatteredafter reading it.I had been team gale for the longest time even though i knew that katniss would end up with peeta.:(
Prim's death was THE most shocking of all. i read that paragreaph thrice befor i actually believed that she was dead!
it has taken me a long time to realize this but the ending was actually quite good.Although Katniss and Peeta are still haunted by the hunger games ,they will grow old together knowing that their children -the girl and the little boy will never have to face the brutal capitol and that to me is Katniss' victory.REAL.

cellochick3 said...

Okay I really did not like this book AT ALL! Hunger Games was fabulous Catching Fire was pretty good, but I hated Mockingjay! Most of the book in my opinion was very boring and never really caught my attention. I beleive that Collins was rushed to publish this book because of the demand and therefore it lacked her usual creativity. Katniss almost dies like 3 times and it gets realld old! I mean we all know she is going to live and all of the talk about feeling burned and like a different person near the end made it feel like she wasnt healed at all and never will be. The only good part I suppose is that she ends up with Peeta, but like mentioned before, it seems like her friendship with Gale is gone and I HATE that! This book in the end really disappointed me and I wish she would write another to at least tie up loose ends!

The Compulsive Reader said...


I think that's the point...Katniss isn't healed, and she never will be. What transpires in the trilogy is extremely traumatic and horrifying. No normal person could ever be okay after that.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
It took me a long time to realize this but i actually think that the ending is very mature and realistic. its not just s good old "happily ever after" because thats not collins' style. She makes the readers face harsh realities and the fact that Katniss can never return to being what she was before the hunger games.
But i was extremely dissapointed at how collins left Katniss' relationship with Gale incomplete. I mean they could have atleast stayed friends if nothing else.
The ending was more bitter than sweet.

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow. I've got to say though that I TOTALLY knew from the beginning that katniss and peets were gonna end up together. once she went back to gale she couldnt process that she now loved someone else and that he was out of question. Although she tried to get that connection back, i totally knew it was never gonna work. I'm very upset that I don't know what ended up happening to Gale though. I was waiting for him to show up at her door and beg for forgiveness--but he never seemed to get around for it. obviously their friendship had died but I was still waiting for it. I'm also pretty mad that they only gave a simple quarter page devoted to peeta and katniss' love. I was looking foward to a satisfying chacpter or two that would end the book smoothly, instead, it ended quickly and abrupt. :( But i still loved it..so when's the movie coming out?

Anonymous said...

I know this is completely off topic...but wouldn't Caitlin Stasey from Tomorrow when the War Began be a PERFECT Katniss???!!!

shoegal2547 said...

I just finished the entire series and was riveted. I didn't think I'd like the books considering I don't care for violence (even though The Godfather is my favorite movie), but once I began reading The Hunger Games, I had to finish the series.

There were many similarities to the Twilight series, i.e., the underlying danger to the heroine, the triangle, the conversation between the two males, and all along understanding who the choice would be. TEAM PEETA!

However, the tragedy of the war as a backdrop was captivating, and Collins left nothing to the imagination...it was all real.

I cried when Rue (I had to stop reading), Finnick (his story was sad), Thresh, the Mayor and his family, Prim, and Peeta's family died. It was very painful to read, fighting so hard to keep what sanity they had in their lives, and losing everything in the end, except each other...how ever damaged that might be.

I was happy to read that Peeta and Katniss had children, and that Katniss initially had them because Peeta wanted children. They were healing together!

All in all, a good read and can't wait for the movie.

Lia said...

I was like NOOOOOO! when Finnick died, soo sad. And Prim, I was so devastated when she died. This book was definitely the bloodiest and most violent. I was team Gale all the way (and still am), but I knew Katniss would end up with Peeta (who I also liked). I would have still liked Gale and Katniss to remain friends...*sigh* if only he hadn't helped with the plan that killed Prim. This book was haunting-I couldn't think about anything else a couple of hours afterwards reading it. I'm sad to see this series go.

Anonymous said...

I really, truly loved this book. I read it in 5 hours right after it came out, and I was sobbing for half of it. I think that the end was a little rushed, I wanted to hear more about Peeta's recovery... but the last line was incredibly moving and a great way to end the series. I mean, "But there are much worse games to play" sums up everything she's been through and everything she will have to go through telling her kids all in one power packed sentence that I ADORED. I hated how cold and awful Gale was, there was no excuse for his brutality, and I tolerated him before this (even though I thought he was jealous and kind of a loser) but in this book I wanted to sit him down and tell him that we use our words, not our fists. Because that's how far his maturity deteriorated for me. I loved how much Peeta grew, because he was always the passive, always kind, always smart one,a nd to have him rip out with an insane killer side was awesome. I'm so glad he got better, though. But two deaths bothered me. Finnick. He got SUCH LITTLE ATTENTION. It was just "oh no, Finnick's down there. Oh, his head's gone. Well, bye then." I was upset at how little any of them CARED, because Finnick had just gotten married and was so happy finally. And, of course, Prim. Primrose Everdeen, the reason the whole series started, was dead. And I broke down. Hysterically sobbing, waking my friend up because she had finished the book before, and she had to mop my face like I was 4. Because at 4:30 in the morning, you don't understand the impact of it. All you're thinking is "NONONONONO IT'S NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!" I loved the entire thing!

L said...

I was upset by Finnick, Boggs, and Prim dying, I was upset that Peeta was hijacked, I was upset that Gale was a killer, I was upset that Beetee was just oblivious, I was angry that Coin and Plutarch were so stupid. The only one I liked was Haymitch, because Katniss wasn't Katniss in this one. She was a girl trying to be the face of something with no clue what to do. And I missed our strong Katniss. :(

Anonymous said...

OMFG I just finished mockingjay and I feel sooo bad for Gale ! What do you think happened to him ? I know he works in district two but still , I need more info !!!!

goldie_3 said...

im definatly one for happy endings and i was so upset in the first 2 books with Katniss'stupidity about her love for Peeta. She obvioulsy loves him but never says it.
I havent finished reading mockingjay and im contemplatingnot reading it cause i want Katniss and Peeta to live happily ever after. I know its not pratical but its a book and it should end happy!
Honestly i never liked Gale that much, he wasnt sweet like Peeta and I like how she chooses Peeta.

RachelH said...

I decided to read The Hunger Games trilogy because Alex Day (Youtuber) said they were amazing - and he was not wrong. It's probably the fastest time I've read a set of books, cause they are unputdownable - I stayed up till half 3 in the morning finishing the 1st book, and as a result missed school that day... But, here's what I've got to say about the last book.

Okay, so I have to agree with what a lot of people have said - this book is haunting! I loved the 1st book, liked the 2nd one a little less, but Mockingjay was torture and has made me emotionally and mentally unstable. I know not everyone will agree with what I have to say, but I need to get some closure over this book.

I know that it's meant to be about war and its effects, but it was all too much! If it was me I would probably change everything about the book. I just hated it! Not to say that it's not an amazing book in it's own right, I just felt like it ruined everything.

There was always going to be a rebellion and a war, but I just wish it was done differently. I knew from the start that Coin was going to be the bads guy, and I hated the whole system of 13. I kinda wish that 13 had been a happier and nicer place, like what the rest of Panem should have been like. And I would just get rid of Coin and make them have a good leader, who could connect with Katniss.

Now, onto the characters. WHY!? I know Katniss was never going to be the same, but she didn't have to become that emotionally hollow shell! She'd shown in the previous books that she could be a strong person, and I think she could have pulled through this. Also,killing so many of the characters felt liked I was being repeatedly stabbed. As soon as Finnick died, I could not stop crying for the rest of the book, the rest of the evening for that matter - and I am not the crying kind - and there was no need to kill Prim, I mean, everyone may aswell have died after that. The whole of the books began because she was protecting her sister and friends, and it was like a giant slap in the face, as if to say "I know you've been through and sacrificed so much, but I don't give a damn."

As for the whole Peeta/Gale situation, I was unahppy. In the first book I was Team Gale. During the second book I became as conflicted as Katniss and couldn't choose. And the third book didn't help resolve anything. I knew deep down that Katniss was going to end up with Peeta, but I CANNOT stand for the destruction of Katniss and Gale's friendship. They were best friends, they had been through so much together, and it felt wrong for them to fall apart. I know that Gale had been the more political one, and that they had there differences, but I don't see how Gale could become so heartless and horrible. As for Peeta, I hated how they ruined him, and changed him from that timid, nice guy who was, in a way, morally better than everyone else. Although the last line was quite beautiful... kinda, it was not enough to make me feel okay. Also, the epilogue just felt wrong.

I could go on ranting for ages, but I should probably stop before I go crazy. All I can say is that this book has sent me into a deep spiral of depression, and I have had to change the book in my mind to make it better. In my head, everyone's in a beautiful meadow. Katniss and Peeta are together, and Katniss and Gale are still best friends. Finnick, Annie and their baby are all there and happy. Prim is there, she has matured, but some of her old innocent child self is still there. Cinna is alive too, and as awesome as ever, and the prep team are there too. And, I can't list all the characters, but all the 'good' ones are alive and well, and although they've all been scarred through their troubles, they've pulled through and are happy and smiling.


RachelH said...


Many people may disagree and say that it was right to not have a happy ending, but i just really needed one with these books, feeling so connected to the characters. I guess that a Happily Ever After is just what I want went I escape into fiction, to leave me feeling all warm inside and filled with hope. Not everything has to be all mushy and lovey-dovey and good, but just don't rip out my heart and soul and tear me to pieces is all I'm asking.

Just got to add that all the way through reading this trilogy, I was listening to Mumford and Sons, and now I can't bear to listen to that album right now cause every song I connect with those books - the songs actually go really well with the books FYI. I know it's a bit off topic but I just had to add it in.

Feel free to agree/disagree, this is just one 17 year old girl's opinion, I just has to get my thoughts out there...

KP said...

I was TEAM GALE from book 1 and kept hoping Katniss and Gale get together.Why did Finnik and Cinna and Prim have to die? And how could Gale ever become such a heartless person? The book3 is awesome but I don't like it. So in my head: Gale and Katniss are together, Peeta is Katniss's best man and Finnik and Prim and Cinna are alive.
Everyone's happy especially "Gale n Catnip"!!!

Anonymous said...

After finishing Mockingjay I had mixed feelings about the book. In fact, for a while I just set my mind to believing I disliked it for many reasons. One thing is because Katniss became insane, and basically WAS until the very end of the book. Also, Peeta was like a different character in way...I was sad that he would never be the same because of what happened to him. Also, killing off a lot of characters like Finnick and Prim. I have to say Finnick's death came as a big shock to me. I literally stopped reading and had to reread the part where Katniss shined the light down on him. it just didn't seem appropriate for him to die...and that effected me big time. And though Prim's death also suprised me, I saw it as a possibilty from the begininng, so the effect wasn't as big as Finnick's. But, the final thing that truly just convinced me that this book did not, and could not at all reach my expectations is Katniss and Gale. No, I was never "Team Peeta" OR "Team Gale" In fact I felt torn either way because I believed Katniss was good with either of them. What I hated is that in the end Gale kinda just...goes away. They build up is character to be so big and then in the end their friendship is ruined, and he's just a guy living in a different District now. Buttercup came off as a more important character then him by the end of the book! And THAT is what really irratated me. So I became peeved and started searching reviews on the book to see if anyone else agreed with me...and a lot of people do, it ends up. But I also saw a lot of reviews saying how they loved the book, and I started to think more about it. The fact is the reason why I didn't like the book is because it didn't end the way I wanted it too. Instead, it had more of a "reality" kind of ending. Basically, in real life unecessary things happen, people who don't deserve to die DO die, and great friendships are also lost among the way. Everyone has a weak point and can become mentaly traumatized by terrible events that may happen...and so the fact that the author had the courage and ability to write this book amazes me. This book that I now realize doesn't only reach, but exceeds my expectations. This book that catches you off guard by taking so many good things away, and not ending with the usual happy ending that most would expect, but instead ends with a familiar feeling. For me, the feeling is that life is an unpredictable road that you just have to face, and accept even if the outcome isn't what you originally desired. So basically, I believe it's the real life blend of greatness, AND dissapointment that truly makes Mockingjay remarkable, and the best of the three.

Anonymous said...

can anyone quote the last line of the epilogue for me please i remember some parts ofit but not exactly how it is.....?

Anonymous said...

Mockingjay was so sad! It was just completely devastating and depressing. Even the ending where Katniss and Peeta get together and have kids isn't very cheery. Basically everything in their lives is gone and nothing is going to make up for that. Katniss doesn't make it sound like a good thing to have her own family or anything.
I love sad books but eventually I just wanted something to work out for them. Someone's life can only be so horrible before it isn't fair anymore.
So many people died and they were all the decent and lovable people. Finnicks death was horrible! He died right after he and Annie got married and his son never gets to meet him. Prim's death wasn't too sad for me until Katniss is yelling at Buttercup. I cried, it was just too hard to stay composed when the character is that broken. I loved the books but Suzanne Collins put her characters through the worst hell!
Totally depressing and can't take my mind off it all. D:

Anonymous said...

anyone else think that the entire series became pointless when prim died??

the whole reason katniss went into the first games was to save prim..but she dies anyway..that was just stupid and i think that mockingjay ruined the series

jujubean said...

I could spend hours discussing the amazing complexity in which the books were written. They were an intricate maze themselves, just like the Capitol tunnels. But I want to just put this out there... I feel that no one won. Not the Capitol or the rebels and that was definitely Collins' point. That no one wins in war. The books are so elegantly written and structured that it makes complete sense. The one thing that made Katniss fight in the beginning, was lost. Prim. That may be the underlaying cause, with so much misery piled on top, of Katniss' instability and emotional turmoil (like her months of nothingness).

Magenta Periwinkle aka Keli Chaffin said...

Team Peeta all the way !!! :)

Just a Friend said...

Am I little late to the game? Yes, like most of you I feel cheated in the ending. It was quick and dirty. As humans we need closure and we didn't get enough.

In the end Katniss and Peeta were wrecked and broken. Prim, Finnick, and Boggs dead. The ending felt rushed, and the epilogue kind of tacked on. Gale ended up being brutal and cold. It just spiraled down into a deep pit of depressing madness.

In the end it pulled up a little, but we the readers didn't have the benefit of time the characters had to begin getting over it all.

Overall an effective anti-war spiel, but I feel like while the first two books genuinely were meant to entertain as well as enlighten the third takes it a little far as Collins tries to fit as much anti-war propaganda into as possible, running our beloved characters into the ground and killing off anyone capable of a happy FULL life. It may be a good message, but I feel like Katniss thinking all these characters were put through hell just to educate us.

I feel genuinely depressed over it.

Anonymous said...

I loved it, but i just felt like Suzanne couldnt bear parting with a main character like Gale or Peeta, so she she went and killed off all the less main characters instead to kind of make up for them still being alive if that makes sense.
Following on from this, it annoyed me people like Finnick, who was my favourite character died for no apparent reason. There was nothing big about it, no real mention of it afterwaards, no reaction on Katniss or really anyone's behalf- he just died and made me feel angry.
Another Critizism is i didnt like the ending. Although i loved Peeta and was glad they got together i didnt think Katniss deserved him. He is so lovely and optimistic and Katniss was so tiresome and horrible back. To be perfectly honest i couldnt stand Katniss half the time anyway.
By the end she wasnt the hero i hoped and thought she'd be and i couldn't care a less about her. In fact i cared more about Peeta and how poor Annie was coping without beautiful Finnick. Still i guess it reflected the fact Katniss doesn't care about herself much either.
I loved Finnick, Annie, Haymitch, Johanna who i thought was hilarious, Peeta, Buttercup aand Prim. Gale was fine too. I loved all the twisted secrets behind everyone and how Katniss killed Coin who i hated.

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading the series for the third time, and each time I see it in a different way. The first time I read the series, I did think the ending was rushed and incomplete, but maybe that was because I was reading it very fast. I always thought that Gale was gonna come back into the picture, but wen it's Peeta katniss goes for I'm truely surprised. The second time I read it I started to notice how great Peeta was. How from the moment he saw katniss, he
thought only of her and even when the capitol was torturing him he was still thinking about saving her. The third time I finished the series, I actually appreciated the ending. How changed katniss becomes, how everyone leaves her, gale, haymitch, even her own mother, and it's Peeta who's the one that stays with her. It is really depressing how they are changed. For some reason I think the "always" thing with Peeta is a bit like Snape with lily, but I found it heartmelting. And with HP, why does everyone hate the epilogue, I found it really great except for the albums Severus bit. But with mockingjay, how katniss cast peeta aside when he was hijacked, peeta would never had done that. I started thinking, peeta should've gotten someone beta, she doesn't deserve him. And I also hope that gale fell in love with someone where ever he went. I have always been team Peeta, but he's changed because of the war which makes me sad. And into my last point. I've read in the comments that Suzanne wrote this to educate children about war. Honestly, I thought as this about a love triangle, with katniss being unable to decide and a bunch of rich snobs called the Capitol killing innocent children. There is only mention of war in mockingjay, but I only know get why katniss and peeta have changed, it's because of the war. As a young teen, I think the blood and stuff in the book is alright, but in a movie I hope it's not going to be rated to high for violence because I wanna watch it. Finally, my thanks to Suzanne, who gave me Panem, a world with exciting people like katniss and peeta who are unforgettable and have grown on me <3

Anonymous said...

I wounder what Katniss names her children?

Gabriel said...

I did not like the way Gale and Katniss' friendship ended. They could have made a different ending for both of them. It's obvious Peeta was destined to be with her. I do not mind that part. But seriously, Katniss and Gale were friends for over 5 years before the 74th hunger games and the story picks up on. And the author ends it with him possibly being involved with the bombing of the capitol kids and Prim. And then disappearing into District 2 with some fancy job! What a way to shrug him aside! Could have at least kept them as friends. At the end, I think Katniss and Peeta, after all the went through, did deserve each other. Oh, and on a personal note; it would have been nice if Lady, Prim's goat, turned up alive. That way she would have had both Buttercup and Lady.

Anonymous said...

The theme you're touching on, that "no one wins," is also highlighted by the revelation that all the victors from the Arena who we meet seem to have had horrible things happen to them as soon as they were out - threats, deaths, debilitating depression. Even finnick who did nothing to disobey or trick the Capitol was sold and misused. Even the winner of the Hunger Games doesn't really win. -maggie

Anonymous said...

About younger audiences not understanding the work:
I recently finished the first book and...
Just want to point out, while i have not yet read the second or third book, I immediatly understood the underlying themes of the first novel, and im 17. Granted I'm slightly on the older side for the young adult reader, I feel like the first novel had a powerful message concerning corruption and the "brutalities" of society and I think that a young audience can easily see the underlying themes of the novel and there importance. Can't wait to get my hands on Catching Fire! As for the third book, I'll just have to cross that bridge when I get there concerning my previous statements. (:

Anonymous said...

As for my misspelling:



halobaby17 said...

I love the book! Knew Peeta and Katniss would get together in the end because just like she said, her and Gale had too much fire. And yes she had to stay true to her logical self by saying that she would have ended up with Peeta anyways because she needs him, the dandelion, to survive. And this love is what plays in to the overall theme of the book. The "real or not real" line by Peeta was heart-wrenching, but it was so dry because we did not get to see them reconnect and didn't get to spend enough time weaving them back together. There wasn't enough time spent putting them back together and that left me feeling rushed and like I had to put the pieces together with so many holes.
So the book is about the terrors of was and why it should be avoided and what happens to a despicable society that allows atrocities to happen to their fellow people, but where is the solution? Where is the hope? That is where Katniss and Peeta come in. Katniss is the solution, always doing the right thing no matter the cost. She proved that in killing Coin. And Peeta and the rest of the people involved in keeping Katniss alive, that we have to sacrifice for one another and all be together for a greater cause, for the peace and unity for humanity. But what the ending of this book was lacking was hope. After all the sacrifice that had happened for the greater cause for humanity, I still felt like Katniss didn't get it and that she could never get over blaming herself. That is despairing. But the biggest issue I have with the ending of this book is the ending of the beautiful story of unselfish love. Love, the HOPE for humanity. Hope is the reward of all the tragedies that were survived, but without love, there is no hope, and I do not feel the love at the end of this story. Yes Katniss hungers for him again and they have "grown together", but their relationship was so broken we need to see it woven back together. As for all the atrocities such as Prim's and the children's death at the hands of Coin just to remain in power is a powerful point showing that even though one wicked empire goes down, another could totally rise in it's place. I loved these books and the heart-breaking points they make, but in the end what makes humans different from the animals is love and hope. That is my issue with the ending. Now that that is off my chest I have not found another trilogy that has gripped me so hard before! I finished all three books in three days! I loved it, but I am left with an empty sadness. If the point is for children to avid war, then there needs to be an incentive to, not just because of how terrible it is, but also that we need to love one another now before it even happens. And that it is possible to love again and have hope and that doing the right thing doesn't leave you empty and half-heartedly living life. Maybe that is not how I am supposed to feel at the end but I can't help since I am not convinced that Katniss is totally in love with Peeta, which is the ending that they both deserve.

halobaby17 said...

And just one last thing, actually for once in my life I do hope that this series in theaters does get a Hollywood ending, solid closure and a happy ending for Peeta and Katniss. Collins has undoubtedly created an unbelievalby amazing trilogy but I am so depressed by this book that I can't keep analyzing all of the haughtingly honest truths because when I think of Peeta and Katniss' relationship I feel like Katniss when she went through all of her tragedies, buried in a deep black sad dream. Great writing, but I have too much of myself in this book and with an ending so sad and depressing I almost regret reading it. I'm not trying to criticize, I am just trying like so many of you have said to find closure. :`(

halobaby17 said...

And just one last thing, actually for once in my life I do hope that this series in theaters does get a Hollywood ending, solid closure and a happy ending for Peeta and Katniss. Collins has undoubtedly created an unbelievalby amazing trilogy but I am so depressed by this book that I can't keep analyzing all of the haughtingly honest truths because when I think of Peeta and Katniss' relationship I feel like Katniss when she went through all of her tragedies, buried in a deep black sad dream. Great writing, but I have too much of myself in this book and with an ending so sad and depressing I almost regret reading it. I'm not trying to criticize, I am just trying like so many of you have said to find closure. :`(

halobaby17 said...

Ok so after feeling so despaired, I reread the last page, where Peeta and Katniss have grown together, over and over and over again. Soaking up the loaded words. I guess I was so upset at how abruptly it ended that I missed the meaning of the ending and the very words that I needed to read. Her hunger/ love for him is back. She realizes that she does love him, and what I needed to hear I overlooked -- "What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him "real".
AAAHHHH!! Finally relief from the agony!! Thank you for putting it there Collins and knowing that if we are really searching for closure it is there!! I feel so relieved that I reread that until it really sank in!! So for all of you who were feeling as depressed as I was, read the last page over and over again until the words loaded with meaning of hope and love sink in. :) I jsut had to dig deeper to find it!!

halobaby17 said...

And I reread the song that is so packed with meaning. Katniss (and md) finally understands that in the safe meadow of love there is hope and healing. And even there maybe she can keep her memories of her loved ones alive. I am at peace now, but I do wish I could have had more of Peeta and Katniss and see their love grow in the end.

Anonymous said...

i have to say i loved the series with all my heart but i would have liked some recovery time nafter all the deaths. i would have liked more deetail in peeta and katniss' life because lets face it, i wish it was me getting his kisses and just a short overview of them getting close after all they have been through was not enough! espically when i had hoped to maybe see a wedding at some point, or hear more thoughts of them as they get closer and she confesses that she reall loves him an cant live with out him. however great book, excellent morals and i will definatly be recomendiign it and most likly reading it again and again. leaving the more detailed bits of katniss and peeta to my imagination....lol

halobaby17 said...

At Veronica B, I feel you!! I wanted to see Peeta and Katniss re-bond, I can't get over it! I need to see it for my own healing process!! lol! Btw, did anyone see the movie?? I think the characters are cast so well and Peeta is so adorable!! At first I was like, not what I imagined, but after the movie I couldn't imagine a better face or spirit to embody Peeta! I am even more in love with Peeta (sorry Hubby... ;) )
For once tho I do hope that they give this series a "Hollywood endinig".

Halobaby17 said...

Another post I know, but I can not stop thinking about this book! It's like a huge parallel the way this book affects you! It is like Collins tied you so emotionally to the characters that you can't get over the book almost in the same way Katniss can't get over all that's happened to her! Anyone else feeling on the verge of obsession over this book?
Btw, I have not read a good book in almost 5 years, since I graduated HS, so maybe that is why I am over-analyzing it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about everyone else.. but this book left a hole in my gut. I feel like I've lost someone I love even though Katniss survives, I think it goes back to the point I saw at the beginning of the comments, where people said that even though the Mockingjay survived the girl on fire that we fell in love with is truly dead. There is absolutely no closure in this book, so when you finish it just feels like there is a gigantic black hole in your heart. Anyone else feel this way about this??

I'm a guy, and never really got into rooting for either Peeta or Gale, but more so the action involved, so whoever she ended up with would have been fine, but the fact that she just exists 20 years later and only keeps busy, they don't live.. This book is just torturing me right now..

Greg said...

Went to see the HG movies. Decided to read the book. HOOKED. Read "Catching Fire" in 2 days. Read "Mockingjay" in ONE day. I'm not the reading type of guy, but I couldn't stop. There were times reading book 3, that I genuinely felt depressed. Especially after Peeta was reunited with Katniss. (are we allow to give spoilers?) It's pretty clear early on that all is not going to end well, in some tidy happy ever after bow. After finishing the book, so much at the end didn't seem to make sense. But now, as the book continues to dominate my every waking thought, I'm beginning to see how the pieces were coming to together all along. You can put me in the Peeta camp. While Gale was always "there" for Katniss, he wasn't in the same way that Peeta was. That's why I was so bummed (and pissed) when things fell apart when Peeta was reunited with Katniss. It became so clear that Katniss and Peeta will never be that couple pretending to be in love at the end of book 1. They are very damaged in every possible way by the end of book 3. I could go on and on. It was tough to read. After finishing my reaction was "huge letdown". But more and more, as the whole thing sinks in, I'm thinking wow!

Anonymous said...

I have always been Team Peeta. I guess it's because I am such a sucker for love and the love that Peeta has for Katniss genuinly attracted me to him. (not in that was, but made me like his character haha) I think Mockingjay was an excellent end to the series. I will admit that the ending was abrupt, but I think the last few lines before the epilogue show that Katniss and Peeta grew together again, it was not just all of a sudden. She ended it with what most of us HG readers have wanted to hear all along, that she loves him. Also, in the epilogue you see how much they have grown. Katniss has two children, which she always said she never wanted and she did it at first because Peeta wanted them and she loves him. So in that aspect, I think the ending and the epilogue were great. However, even though I thought Gale and Katniss's friendship was a great aspect of the books, I understand why they grew apart and ended their friendship. He essentially killed Prim, and that is something no friendship, or the characters themselves could ever recover from. As for the deaths of Finnick, Cinna, Boggs, etc I think they were all neccessary in order to prove Collins point that war is awful and has no rules and innocent people will die. Overall, I think Mockingjay was a tremendous ending to the series and I commend her for being able to write such a great series and great ending

Anonymous said...

I have always been Team Peeta. I guess it's because I am such a sucker for love and the love that Peeta has for Katniss genuinly attracted me to him. (not in that was, but made me like his character haha) I think Mockingjay was an excellent end to the series. I will admit that the ending was abrupt, but I think the last few lines before the epilogue show that Katniss and Peeta grew together again, it was not just all of a sudden. She ended it with what most of us HG readers have wanted to hear all along, that she loves him. Also, in the epilogue you see how much they have grown. Katniss has two children, which she always said she never wanted and she did it at first because Peeta wanted them and she loves him. So in that aspect, I think the ending and the epilogue were great. However, even though I thought Gale and Katniss's friendship was a great aspect of the books, I understand why they grew apart and ended their friendship. He essentially killed Prim, and that is something no friendship, or the characters themselves could ever recover from. As for the deaths of Finnick, Cinna, Boggs, etc I think they were all neccessary in order to prove Collins point that war is awful and has no rules and innocent people will die. Overall, I think Mockingjay was a tremendous ending to the series and I commend her for being able to write such a great series and great ending

lupe. said...

Ohmygoshhhh, I don't even know what to do with myself or how to respond.. I feel like my life is nothing compared to this.

I need my peeta. That's all I want in my life. <3 ..though I was the author explained more at the end how peeta and katniss found each others hearts other than them being neighbors.

And as for prim I was expecting someone very dear to her to die, but I was thinking it would either be peeta or gale.. So I was very shocked. <///3 poor Anne what happened to her? Who is caring for her? Why break their bond? Ughhhh someone else but not them! ); ima go lay in bed for the rest of the day.. I'm lost..

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt like slitting my own throat after finishing this book... what the heck? That was the worst possible ending. I hoped Peeta & Katniss would end up together, but I thought she would at least show SOME kind of emotion towards him before it ended - not "Gale never came back, Peeta did, so eventually I let him talk me into crapping out a couple kids I didn't want. The End." I need a drink... Stupid book.

calypso said...

i understand everyones furry but i absouloutly LOVED the ending! (Not the epilouge though that was crap!)
i love that the concept of the story wasnt romance and i seriously dont cry in books but i was so pathetic in this book the waterworks came on even when peeta was just planting the primrose bushes.
Im a peenis fan all the way but there shoud not be teams.
i heard to girls at my school discussing what "team" there in peeta or gale and i went straight up to them and said " B**ch HG is not your crappy twilight". i still get looks from them but who cares.

Anon27 said...

Throughout the books, I was never sure whether I was Team Gale or Team Peeta - loved them both and thought Katniss needed them both.

Am happy she ends up with Peeta though as I think it was the 'right' ending. Throughout the books she longs for Gale and District 12 and her family as they're bound up together. They represent the past, and what she was familiar with (as you can't really say it was an 'easier' time, starving to death!). Katniss changes so much, that she and Gale just don't fit together anymore. Add to this the fact that he also changes and becomes quite ruthless and they just don't work. Peeta's gentler dandelion is what Katniss needs. His 'strong arms' were all that kept her together before, and will continue to be. I really believe both Peeta and Katniss will heal each other, as no one else could ever know what they've been through. In another life I think Gale and Katniss would have been wonderful together, and they were only just starting to realise that their feelings were changing when the reaping happened and everything was turned upside down. But by the end of the third book and all that happens, they just don't fit together anymore.

However, I couldn't understand why Gale is disposed of with a one-liner about a 'fancy' job in District 2. There's no indication there about what kind of job he's doing, whether his increasing ruthlessness was tempered by what happened to the children in the Capitol, whether he has any kind of positive turnaround. He was such a wonderful character that I feel he should have been given more airtime - yes he became harsh and blinkered in the 3rd book, but that was borne out of his loyalty to those he loved, so I think he could have come round.

I was also v upset by how quickly Finnick and the others were dealt with, though I suppose it could be argued that this was Collins's point - in a war situation, there's no time to build up a dramatic death and analyse feelings after it. It just happens instantly and horribly.

Finally - Prim. So so sad that she dies and so horribly, but it does kind of fit. The first book started with what should have been her death (if Katniss hadn't volunteered at the reaping) and so it kind of book-ends the trilogy that she dies by the end of the third book. Have to admit I bawled at the bit with Buttercup.

"You love, real or not real?" "Real". Just the best line ever.