The Compulsive Reader: Cover Talk: Fins Are Forever Reveal

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cover Talk: Fins Are Forever Reveal

Hey everyone! I've been not-so-subtly dropping hints that today would be the day that Tera Lynn Childs and a bunch of bloggers will be revealing the cover to Fins Are Forever, the sequel to the super cute and romantic and fun lovely mermaid-y goodness that is Forgive My Fins. And, I am happy to deliver:

Commence the cheering! You all know about my love for mermaids, right? And I just loved Forgive My Fins because there is romance and humor and lots of mermaids (read my review here). When I first saw the cover, it was like, "Whoa, hello COLOR!" But, I grew to like it a lot, and besides--those snapshots of underwater life near coral reefs are just exploding with color, so the cover seemed perfect.

I was wondering where HarperTeen would go with this cover, and I am very happy to see that there is tons of color and lots of fun little details. I can't wait to read it!

What do you all think?


Autumn said...

I haven't read these books, but I love the covers of them! Whenever my kids eat a blue or green snoball I makes me think of them!

From the TBR Pile

Jen said...


I just stumbled on your blog and I love it. You have some really awesome reviews.

I really like this cover. The color pops and draws the eye in. It is quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

Melissa Walker said...

Oooh, gorgeous!

Nikki said...

I had a heart attack when I saw this. I can't wait! Stunning!