The Compulsive Reader: More CSN Love

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More CSN Love

I know I have extolled the virtues of CSN stores many times already, but I've found even more to love about them!

As a college student, you're tasked with having to buy a lot of things your parents once provided you with that you now realize you took for granted. And, you have to do it on a budget, fit it all into a tiny room the size of your closet at home, and of course, you still want it to look nice, right?

CSN has pretty much everything you need, and while some of their items are pricey, there are some excellent, innovative, and surprisingly affordable items. From modern bedding to office supplies and furniture, they've got it all. I've gotten two great bookcases from them, a good bag for school, and now I've set my sights on this cool chair, only in lime green:

I like to be a bit eccentric, so I think this will make a very good, and very affordable, desk chair! Which is good since I spend so much time blogging and blogging and writing and writing....

Anyway, back to the books!